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May 21, 2005


This is the type of thing that corporate news media's refuse to can only find this type of "outing" of the wild-eyed hypocrites who are bent on a "fascist regime" a "dictatorship", worshiped by the hard-right neo con...why not in the news?...Because the corporate media is one of the bigger proponents of a plutocracy, one their money can control(not the reportes..they just work for a living, like the rest of us and want to keep their jobs)why can't the average American connect the dots..? Its all about money, who has it and who wants it

i hope a copy of this article was sent to santorum and every newspaper in santorum's district. add keith olberman.

santorum is a whore...

To wtmoore: Why not send the article to Santorum yourself? Google his name & you'll find his website & there you can find his telephone number & his email & postal addresses. His fax number is 202-228-0604.

If the votes are actually counted, Santorum is out on his keester come '06. Bringing home a stillborn baby to so his kids can "meet their brother." Eeeew! What a scumbag freak.

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