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May 27, 2005


AI pretty much slammed Israel as a neolith of humanity [also]! They are right up there with us. Maybe there's a "gentlemans" play in one upmanship going on between the Evangelical Zionists and Non-goy Zionists [in control of the US government] and the non-goy Zionists in control of Israel's government. I wonder what the bet is?

What's the board on this one folks?

For our fellow world citizen Jews seeing this dance of goy evangelical and non-goy pretentenders in the name of Christ and Judea - beware. The goy zeolots have the bombs and they have the destiny of rapture - the vaporization of unrepentent Jews in Israel. If the choice is to be "chosen" or to be a "vaporizor", better not to choose!

We are the mob and we are in control!

I thought we snuffed these bad genetics a long time ago? Have they forgotten who runs this place, who feed them, who guard them while they sleep?

Have they forgotten the lessons so ruthlessly rendered by the mob in moments past? Has their arogance led to a misjudgement that they are really in control?

Let's be clear on this. Anti-Semitic (well - really anti-jewish) behavior is not fermented by by the christians or jews or muslims that live in our neighborhoods and go to parent teacher nights at our neghborhodd schools. Anti-Jewish sentiment is fermented by the policies of Israel as well as a host of American organizations (AIPAC, JINSA, ADL and many small outfits under the umbrella of the Holocaust Industry head quartered in Washington DC) that market those policies through our houses of state and predominately non-goy US media!

Let's be clear!

Unfortunately it doesn't matter to Bush & Co. if they lost middle America or upper or lower for that matter. Their project is to change government so there is no such thing as representative government. They are achieving an executive control so deep into the other branches of government that no conservative is allowed to dissent, if they do Karl will just find a like minded opponent for the next election cycle and replace them with a party loyalist. We are not in Kansas anymore Toto, we are most definitely in Oz. Remember his words "You're either with us or against us". Us being the neocons, nobody else matters.

When is everyone going to get it through their thick skulls that Bush could give a rats ass about any American unless their net worth is in in the hundreds of millions if not billions. When one of their cheerleaders wakes up and realizes they were a part of the nightmare they get sent to the political equivalent to Orwell's 1984 room 101.

Voinovich has a little over five more years, he's no spring chicken so he had nothing to lose. Christie Todd Whitman took herself out of the chop shop so she had nothing to lose. McCain is just getting revenge. What's horrible is that even fellow moderates or middle of the road Republicans haven't backed them up, they are too afraid and they also know their voices will be as absent from or distorted on Fox, CNN, MSNBC et al as any liberal's.

The others are willing to sell the country out for perceived tax breaks, for greed. I know, I'm related to a few of these types. My brother said "So what if we invaded Iraq for oil, we are going to need it." Nice. A hundred thousand dead Iraqis (most of them women & children), over 1600 dead soldiers so he can drive an f-in SUV. I don't speak to him anymore. He's the type of guy who'd say 'get a job' to a homeless man not knowing the poor soul was a Vietnam veteran robbed of sanity and health in the name of defending his sorry ass.

Even upper middle class Republicans who don't agree with homosexual bashing go along with the radical religious right wing zealots & war-mongers because Bush & Co. cater to their lifestyle, so they don't have to sacrifice, they can consume as much as they want with no guilt and so their children can go to college and not war.

Even when real conservatives speak up against the Bush regime, the only ones who listen to them are democrats and liberals.

Judy is correct that the neocon cult does not care if they have Middle America's support or not, but she left out why they don't care: As long as their friends build the hardware and write the software for those lovely HAL 9000 voting machines, they know they'll "win" the so-called elections.

I'm probably dating myself with the HAL 9000 reference. ;)

How about "HAL 1984" as a nickname for computerized voting machines?

Dancing around the monolith, Kid Charlemagne

Warmongerers in prison? There assets seized and turned over to the Department of Education or Energy for renewable resources? Works for me.

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