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May 17, 2005


The Bush administration has reduced America to a nation of war criminals. Congress is in collusion with the Bush gang, mainstream media is in collusion with the Bush gang, and some of the American people still believe that wars and torture are perfectly acceptable. Our democratic republic is for the most part, doomed. Treason and treachery is now what passes for government. Our children and grandchildren will never be able to release themselves from the shackles of debt and crimes against humanity that the Bush gang have sentenced us all to. Were this an earlier time in America, there would be revolution and the calls for justice. Sadly, this is post 9/11 America and we have entered a sadistic police state and our freedoms and liberties are gone.

Be patient. At this point in Nixon's second term, the press was still referring to Watergate as a "third-rate burglary."

A year from now, the Fuhrer's friends in the Bible Belt will be screaming for his head over the revelation that the Bush Regime is packed with closet queens, and the general public will be gathering up their pitchforks and torches to storm the monster's castle.

All Hell is about to bust loose. Wait and see.

I don't think Clinton would have been attacked for leading the U.S. into a bogus war by the Republicans. By all apparent evidence, they like war and violence. It's sex they can't stand.

When everything is added up, Iraq just may have been better off if Sadam was still in power. I felt that the US had him on a tight leash in 2002 and things may have improved without our meddling.

There are some of us who are still paying attention. I'm just wondering and waiting to see what they will do, as the closer they are,to being exposed for what they've done. What lenghts will they go to now, to distract attention. That's the big question, What's next.

Bill Clinton?



What the neo-con fascists in the White House and their robotic religeous freak followers are failing to contemplate is the backlash (or blowback) from the American public when this finally hits the fan, and it is not far off.

It will be a witch-hunt that makes Salem look like a garden party and McCarthy look like a model of restraint. They had better be checking out the former neo-nazi countries in South America for safe haven, and even that is now improbable. Imagine all that trailer-trash applying for asylum at one time. No brains, morals or integrity to promote themselves. Just their prediliction for spaghetti-o's, twinkies, professional wrestling and NASCAR.

They will ultimately be hunted down and brought to justice, of this we are confident.

Robert S. Finnegan
Managing Editor
Southeast Asia News
[email protected]

The Republicans LOVE sex, as long as it's rough, tough, manly, and heavily closeted, like James "Bulldog" Guckert pissing into Karl Rove's mouth. The Bush Regime likes HEAVY gayboy S&M sex, Abu Ghraib stuff, and when those disgruntled former CIA apparatchiks start posting the pictures to the Internet, hold back the edges of your gowns.

Cheney's involvement in 911 will pale by comparison.

...and Mr. Finnegan is dead-on with his comments. Word has it that I$rael's loyal sayanim are already shopping for real estate in Australia.

The crimes of the current junta notwithstanding, unless you are a democratic hack, you certainly must be aware of the role of Clinton's administration in waging an illegal and immoral war against the Serbs during his time in office. Don't castrate your own message by pretending the sickness of our nation is somehow reserved to people of one party but not another.

The poster that I held up in early 2003 opposing the war at various protests had a picture of Pandora's box and all manner of bad things escaping. The lettering said "Don't Open W-andora's Box!" I guess I qualify as clairvoyant.

The Dreamer (Mr. Yockey) has a point. The Clinton Regime in no way deviated from the Bush Crime Family agenda, and in fact did much to advance it. The Democraps and the Republiscum are merely the left and right wings of the same party. Their true constituency consists of the 36,000 or so Americans worth $10,000,000 or more and, of course, the I$raeli blackmailers with their "ravens" (Golan Cipel, etc.) and "swallows" (Chandra Levy, Monica Lewinsky, et al).

Ever wonder what it was that the I$raelis demanded of New Jersey Governor McGreevey that was so awful that he decided to commit political suicide by outing himself rather than comply?

Yep, I was telling people that GWB was going to use 9-11 as an excuse to do just about anything he wants. I was saying that on 9-11-01. I guess I'm just more observant and less trusting than most folks.

It's a total trainwreck now, with more to come.

If anyone has not awakened to what has been going on, Mr. Galloway's much-broadcast speech today at the Senate is a nice little synopsis, and a very compelling call for everyone to finally "get it"

Get your selves out there now people. They are giving you one last chance to see if you got the guts just to see if you will give consent to their lies and let them carry on with their deeds and the pause is just to see if you have been conditioned enough for the finale blow. Get out there now or you won't have to worry about showing up for work because there won't be any work, there won't be any gasoline there won't be any food only a new world order of certain death with a smaller populace to feed and use for their sick desires. those who keep to themselves and wait for someone else to pull the load will never make it out alive. Get out there now and defend your families from the very forces of evil that expect you to stand down and stay at home to see naked bodies on your TV's and video games. Do something now or it will all be gone. You are now standing at the cross roads and only your love for the truth can set us into the right direction. It is the last chance.

I just finished reading "War of Numbers" by Sam Adams. It's the story of how Adams, A CIA agent, uncovered the lies, deception, and coverups by the CIA, Westmoreland and the White House that helped mislead the Congress, press, and the Americah people before the Tet Offensive in 1968. By dropping around 300,000 local Viet Cong militia from the order of battle prior to the Tet surprise, Westmoreland attempted to prove that the US was winning. The numbers were fixed to create an illusion. Result: thousands more Americans lost their lives before the end of the disaster in 1973. As it often does, history is repeating itself. Manipulation, deception, outright lying to promote war-mongering. It has happened again. And the tragic results are right there for all of us to see-if we want to accept the real definition of reality. Action must be taken to stop this madness.

I can't help but think that the US went into this war knowing as well as everybody else that this war would end up the way it has. I don't think we are talking about stupidity or ineptitude, so much as wilful and deliberate destruction of the Arab Middle East for Israel's benefit.

Now that we know for sure that there are criminals in White House we have to assume that ALL politicians are criminals. Almost ALL are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers etc. etc.......

Everyone needs to be fired, top down and replaced, where needed, with people who are not part of these organizations. If you allow anyone from these and other "secret" organizations back into power, the same thing will happen again but this time you will not be able to do anything as they will know you are onto them.

Also do not let the UN or anything organization offer the American Union up as a solution to the corruption in your government. This is the plan. Bush, Martin, Fox are all making their governments seem so corrupt that the people will scream out that something must be done. And then the real powers behind the scene, UN (controlled by international bankers) will come forward and offer up the AU, which has been their plan all along.

Remember the agenda.....One world government, One world religion, One world army (NaTo), One world currency and a microchipped population that is a cinch to control.

Impeachment is not enough. Absolution for the nation demands a war-crimes trial, not only for Bush and the NeoCons , Republicans and Democrats who lied us all into war but for the mainstream media who helped them do it.

I got the feathers if you get the tar!

One world government leads to one world revolution.

Go back to the beginning. How did this all get started? Distraction guys!All this is distraction, the numbers mean nothing to them. Remember what Kissinger said with regard to U.S. troops. They view citizens even less,much less value. Just taking temperatures is all they're doing.Monitoring sites, just like this one.

Who voted for this obviously underqualified,
controversial, careless man in the first place? How can we as Americans not look at this administration, and its head, from the original election controversy, to 9/11; the "Warren Commision" style investigation of 9/11, and now Iraq ... and not clearly see that this is the most shameful, dishonorable administration in the history of America. Oh, Bush is a criminal indeed, but the real crime took place when millions of Americans voted for this neanderthal to a second term. Bush is free on bond, paid for by the votes of the American public.

Bush never won the elections in 2004, but used computer fraud to sway the votes. Hence the elections were rigged. Did you know that the Diebold voting computers were used for the elections in all the many districts where the voting results swayed towards Bush contrary to the election polls and outside the statistical margin of error? Also, Diebold resfuses to let the public see the code of its voting programs.

I fully agree with your decision about the votes. That sounds to be true that Bush never won the elections in 2004, but used computer fraud to sway the votes... I think so too...

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