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May 19, 2005


Maybe if the president were doing a better job. shit, the man is irrelevent he wasn't even informed when the White House was evacuated.

America would be safe if they quit their antics! They create the threat and for a nominal fee, will "protect" us...That was proven with the "alerts" after 911, they were counting on copycats and "terrorists" would get blamed! Didn't work. Everyone was watching for anything. No one took credit for 911, no one wanted anything to do with that. Surely they were counting on someone. Didn't work either. So what's next?? Strip some rights,burn the muslim bible,stir up Iran, something's gotta work. It works in the USA, remember them promoting hate crimes, feeding racism. They won't stop. It's what they do.

Please, some country wipe America off the face of the earth. I hate commi's, but you know at least where they were coming from. I hate neo nazi's cause they donot believe in rights of the lessor kind. I hate neo cons for thinking it's their turn to try and take over the world. And America is the worst of all because you pose as the satanic angel of light trying to blind us with your shining glow of false kindness and goodness when satan's goals, as your own, flow through the false light and gives us proof you love to kill with a smile. Such service the world would be better off without. F U america. Burn in your own inbred filth and may all good people destroy your land of evil spirits.

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