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June 30, 2005


Excellent article

I will read everything on your site.

Thank you

Excellent article

I will read everything on your site.

Thank you

“Many terrorists who kill innocent men, women and children on the streets of Baghdad are followers of the same murderous ideology that took the lives of our citizens in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania.”

If, as many suspect, this administration and its criminal leaders afre complicit in what happened here in NY on 11 September 2001, then Bush is actaully telling the truth: the soldiers and Marines in Iraq are following the same murderous ideology they just don't realize that the terrorist base is in the White House with branches at the Pentagon and Langley.

What a bunch of low lifes and nothing short of a major upheaval in this country is going to change things, I fear.

As Yoda would say, "Screwed, we are."

'right-wing congressman swearing that sure there are links between 9/11 and Iraq -- many, many links that “we” are privy to -- though he failed to cite any.'

There are many links between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. DOnald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, The Bush Family, Dick Cheney... oh well, you know the list...

These two have a lot in common. They were both trained, funded, armed and encouraged to kill anyone who disagreed with the empire building task of the day. They both eventually figured out that these neo-con morons were playing evry side of every deal . One decided to fight back. One decided to make the best of it. Which one is free and which one awaiting a dubious trial?

Had the media been doing it's job and had published even a portion of this doorknob's extremely checkered past - five arrests, long-term alcoholism, the rape of a 15 year old, chronic cocaine abuse, etc., etc. - our country might not be in such a death spiral.

George W. Bush is a criminal, plain and simple. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the GOP. Bill Clinton is a saint compared to this witless sociopath.

I wish the New York Times had noticed that Bush plans to leave the Iraqi people to fight the"central front on terrorism."
Bush: Iraq is the "central front on the Iraqi's stand up, we will stand down." Is the New York Times so de-sensitized to this casual amorality that they don't even notice, cannot even comprehend, what he is actually saying?

I wish the New York Times had noticed that Bush plans to leave the Iraqi people to fight the"central front on terrorism."
Bush: Iraq is the "central front on the Iraqi's stand up, we will stand down." Is the New York Times so de-sensitized to this casual amorality that they don't even notice, cannot even comprehend, what he is actually saying?

Karl Rove looks like a child molester. As long as jews keep him happy with young boys and the jewish princess (hilary) with young lesbo women, america will be happy land forever.

It’s astounding how often the Bush administration has been caught lying. Not lying about private sexual encounters, but lying to the congress and to the American people in order to start a war that has so far killed many tens of thousands of innocent people, while digging our nation further into a very deep hole of dept. Is the true reason for the war against the people of Iraq the oil? Is it to enrich private companies close to those in the administration? In any case the fact of the lying remains, and remains not only an impeachable offense, but a treasonous one. What we as a nation should do, is to impeach Bush, and turn him and his cronies over to the world court to be put on trial for crimes against humanity. We should say to the world that we were deceived by these malevolent criminals, but have finally seen through their deceit. In this way we might be able to once again take our place as a world leader.

But many Americans seem amazingly adept at ignoring what they would prefer not to see. But reality has a way of refusing to be ignored. What would Bush have to do to get impeached? Sometimes it seems that he could roast babies on the White House lawn, and get away with it. After all, he’s gotten away with murdering many thousands of babies in Iraq. If any right winger is still reading this, ask yourself, what would Bush have to do for you to wish him impeached?

President Bush asserted in his speech Tuesday that the Iraqi insurgents are the same breed of terrorists that struck on September 11, 2001. This is a compound lie if there ever was one, something that this administration, as well as previous administrations, have used to fool the American public into supporting its agendas.

First of all, it has never been proven in a court of law that 911 was actually an Arab terrorist attack. In fact, the evidence that is available points in an entirely different direction than the government's official version of it, which is nothing more than a whitewash. As far as the "terrorist" insugents go, how many Americans would do the same thing as these so-called "terrorists" are doing if their homeland was unjustifiably attacked, their friends and loved ones murdered and raped, their possessions taken, their national infrastructure left in ruins, their jobs lost, a puppet government thrust upon them, etc etc etc?

Even if 911 WAS an Arab terrorist attack, which any half-way informed person knows it wasn't by now, how can you actually call people who are fighting off a brutal and immoral occupational force in their nation as "terrorists". If this is the way Bush wants to label these people, then he will have to include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all of our nation's founding fathers in that same category, because these brave men fought off a British occupation of the American colonies that became the birth of the United States in 1776!

Bush and Co. keep piling on one lie after another and this house of lies has to come crashing down eventually. When it does, the rest of us "terrorists" will have to push for an indictment of war crimes against Bush and Co.!

At the end of the day it is all about installing the New World Order. Turning our planet into a prison camp and having the elite as the prison guards.

Impeaching Bush etc. will do nothing to stop it. ZERO.

The ONLY thing that can be done for the US is this.

FIRE EVERYONE! Top down. Everyone in the federal government must go and be replaced by people who are NOT members of CFR, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, Bilderberger Group, Bohemian Grovers, Masons, Church of Satan, Mormons, JW's, Zionists, Royal Bloodlines, Committee of 300 or any other private organization that has an alternate agenda for the planet.

Forget Bush, he is just an organic fingerpuppet for these organizations and the international banking elite. EVERY President has been a puppet for these people and until the american public realizes this and does something about it you might as well let Bush do his thing and wait till the next puppet comes in and continues Bush's "Work of the Ages"

Shit, why not elect Lucifer directly and get it over with?

The many links between 911 and our invasion of Iraq is that, our goverment's execution of the 911 attacks against its own people was used as the basis of our attack against Iraq. The entire federal government is complicit in these atrocities if not by full knowledge and participation but now by covering the evidence and continuing to make war against the people who oppose our forces in Iraq.

The federal government cannot and will not fix itself. Some state, any state has to start holding the criminals accountable by refusing to take part in the feds crimes any longer. It is every states constitutional right and duty to oppose the tyranny and crimes of the feds. It is what the nation was founded on.

A state government can immediately tell the nation and the world that they will not provide their sons and daughters to the feds for wars of murder. The state can refuse to answer to any fed courts because the feds are treasonous. The state would also have to stop killing all babies in their state by legalized murder by abortion or they would simply be another criminal body like their federal government. The state could invite all young men and women who do not want to take part in the feds wars to come to their state for protection from fed agencies that would have been kicked out of the state.

It should not be left to our 20 year old kids to oppose an evil government without some body of legitimate government taking the stand against our wicked oppressors in washington.

Is there even 1 state with the courage to do what is right? Is independence from tyranny, oppression and murder now dead in these slave states?

An excellent article, thank you.

Your observation of how the Bush administration operates is very apt indeed. They are not into discussing things - and that ought to be noted. They are into doing things.

And they must be stopped. Thanks for your contribution to a good cause.



Global village idiot Bush may be a sociopath but he and his surface handlers are stooge puppets for forces put in place long before they arrived.

Like bloody butcher clowns these poseur criminals will remain until the core machine behind them is fully exposed and dismantled. That will require a minimum of 3 conditions:

1) Recognition that the current U.S. government in NOT a republican form of free market democracy but a prime outpost of a global CORPORATE MONOPOLY CRIME STATE cartel.

Hint: an international cartel has one obligation. That is to enrich and empower its private members at any cost. This CMCS cartel is run by private owners of a Federal Reserve Corporation that is not Federal and has no reserves other than those of deception. The cartel is a global one that exploits national governments and their populations as if they were trash or worse.

2) An honest 4th estate in a verifiable free press and education system. Both are now wholly owned psy-ops snake oil tools of the Corporate Monopoly Crime State cartel outlined above.

Hint: significant wars have always been fought over wealth (blood money) for power. War is a blood soaked con that amounts to public war for private gain. CMCS war shills have always paid for and bought lapdog political fixers and a sellout spin barking press like so many whores at low tide. Know these shills by their work.

3) Extermination of the Federal Reserve Corporation, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, World Bank, IMF and in short, all organizations put together by the robber baron elite to command and control human life on this planet from the last century into this one.

If this sounds like a radical prescription built on a so-called conspiracy theory, think again. The official grounds for 9-11 on with its endless war carnage is a transparent fairy tale. This authorized con (911 Commission etc.) does not stack up to even the most fanciful conspiracy theory. And we don’t need theories. From the Downing Street Minutes on down, there are conspiracy FACTS aplenty to make the case for moral action.

PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (in a letter to his handler Colonel Edward M. House who was a prime agent of the elite corporate money power. Colonel House also handled President Woodrow Wilson and so the creation of an unconstitutional, private bank monopoly better known as the Federal Reserve Corporation and its IRS (collection agency) in 1913. FDR speaks of financial monopolists of the global banking cartel centers of New York & London that own the U.S. Government. November 21st, l933)

SIR JOSIAH STAMP (Governor of the Bank of England and the 2nd richest man in Britain. A man in service to the Rothschilds.1920)

BRITISH PRIME MINISTER DAVID LLOYD GEORGE (on the banking cartel June 20, 1934)

PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT (denouncing a global money power cartel, President from 1901-1909, Roosevelt lived to see the creation of a privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve Corporation by the Invisible Government of international bank monopolists.1858-1919)

All of the above have sooo much merit. I have many sites with this evidence and more cataloged for further research. Check out my June archives "Want REAL news...Skip CNNNBC."
Prissy's hat is off to bloggers for the truth and thus America.

I''m still trying to figure out why you removed the guy in Haiti. Remember him? You should because it would seem things started going down hill for your country the moment you invaded Haiti and hauled him away. Perhaps some kind of Voodoo curse is now hanging over your nazi-like peoples. hey, If the shoe fits. The Germans knew what hitler was about and wanted to see how far he could take them the way American's are now with Bush baby, they are curious to see what they can get away with before saying, "OK, OK that's stepping over the line a little bit so pull back there boss, we don't wanna piss off the remaining 5%." So do us a favour there ya nazi wannabee's and tell us where you draw the mother F'n line. I know what you'll do! More protests, yeah!!! That oughta send them neo-cons running for their heidi-holes. What a joke. Your a fraud america. The world has been your whipping post far too long and I figure it's about time another nation invaded your BS ridden country for once and give you what you've been giving the weaker nations like Vietnam and Korea. Yeah, they still sent you packing with the fudge between your legs but Americans have the memory of a lemming. You can hide behind our beloved Canadian flag when traveling abroad but foreigners can pick you out by the swaager in your walk. You can hide behind other countries symbols that are respected for it's unselfish and genuine people but that yellow stripe of yours will always poke through your back packs, ya f'n baby killers.

I think that the terrorism should be stopped immediately!

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