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June 23, 2005


Why these clowns aren't in jail is beyond me. This is the most pathetic congress is the history of this country. Never before has such a collection of monumental idiots infested the government.

Marblex accurately referred to our government as a "collection of monumental idiots". Now, what psychoclastic thing does that say about our fellow Americans who voted for them?
(Although let's not forget the probable role of the "black boxes", aka "HAL 1984s".)

"Psychoclastic", from Greek, meaning "breaking the soul (or mind). As far as I know, I coined it.

Duke is also currently living on Mitchell Wade's boat named the 'Duke Stir'. Surprise! that hapless contractor from MZM happens to be named Mitchell Wade, too. Small world, huh?

What Mr. Cunningham is doing by wrapping himself in the flag in hopes that it will draw attention away from his ethically challenged actions is really the worst sort of flag desecration. Wonder if we can amend the Constitution to ban that?

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