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June 28, 2005


I think you're probably right.
But I think that you will find, after this administration is gone, that Rove and Bush and Rumsfeld et al are just a bunch of sniveling , yellow bellied cowards.
They are the scum of the earth, and when they are finally out from under that SS protection they have, they better watch it when they walk down the street.

The democratic response should have been simple and elegant: "What do you expect from someone whom the president refers to as a turd-blossom?"

i think the last real conservatives were the group led by goldwater that told nixon to quit before he was fired. the republican party was then systematically corrupted by the radical reich wing culminating in the election of king ronald. hard to believe, but it's been rapidly downhill ever since. the only bottom i fervently hope for is teh same fate as its predecessor party, the whigs.

evolution is real: adapt or die. the radical reich wing, with its numerous rigidities now seems unable to adapt and will eventually join the dinosaurs.

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