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June 20, 2005


Of course the Elephascist (I refuse to call them Republicans anymore, since the dominant faction in that party has made it clear they want an empire abroad--and at home--rather than a republic) chairman is smug. He knows the HAL 1984 black boxes from Diebold and other fascist corporations can blunt any anger of the voters.

I've said it before,they don't care about the polls when they can Diebold their way to office.

Voters in Florida actually thought they had gotten RID of Jeb and were astonished to find he had "won" another term.

Wake up rubes. Election reform or it's all ovah.

I have written DNC and several blogs reminding us that we simply MUST get rid of those evoting machines before the 2008 election or all our efforts to rid ourselves of Republican antics will have been for naught. We must remember it's who counts the votes that count. Please write your representatives in DC and urge them to get to work to ensure we have a verifiable paper trail in 2008.

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