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June 02, 2005


"I don't worry about anything here in Washington, D.C.," Bush said Tuesday before he left on his bicycle for an uninterrupted ride in the park.

I didn't mean to laugh reading this, but it is so pathetic it's hilarious. Thanks for this one.
After the Presidential debates and people saw Bush's performance, it is a mystery why anyone voted for him ... ditto to miserable Cheney with John Edwards. I was embarrassed watching him. And that box sticking out his back - he should have been disqualified from the debates for cheating! Well, we all know about elections and how to win them cheating.

Hi Phil...I remember you from your hnn days! Ciao!

Everything Bush says is either trashtalk or code to the base, precisely like the other fascist, Berlusconi!

Hey now, let's not pick on poor Shrub. He doesn't read much, admittedly, and so could not possibly know that he lives 180-degrees from the Jesus whom he so claims to love.

The Bushevics are imploding. One can only hope the Shrub of corruption will come to an early end. 2006 GO GO GO

He's too busy to worry; he's dissassembling.


I think Conyers' effort to bring the Downing Street Minutes to the forefront of political discussion is critical for a couple of reasons - 1. the GOP is playing dirty pool, and their efforts to defraud the American and foreign electorates has worked in 2 Presidential elections, untold numbers of Congressional elections...Christ, even in the Ukraine contest where the dude was poisoned, and 2. this might be a way to throw Karl Rove off his game. Conyers needs our support, and protection. Rove should probably be in jail, even before Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, Wolfowitz, Card,

It is a big sick game that they are playing, and it is up to moderate Repubs to realize that their party is now owned by the Neocons and the Religious Right, and they should be all over efforts to make sure another election cannot be stolen by the craven GOP.

I said it before the '04 election, and I believe it could still hold water in '08...Bush will not go quietly...he will only go in a straitjacket. God forbid he "win" again in '08.

Keep up the good fight people!!


One down, two to go.

Remember, there are two members of the Axis of Evil that Rummy, Bushie and Cheney are still looking at for regime change. (especially since Iraq has been such a roaring least in their feeble minds).

So, North Korea: (things I've read recently)
B-2 Stealth bombers moved close to NK. (w/i past several months).
Stealth fighter squadrons deployed to South Korea. (w/i last two weeks).
Nutty NK dictator orders 2 to 3 million NK's out of the cities into the farmlands to help with rice harvest. (w/i past several days).

(Sounds like some air-strikes against suspected NK nuclear facilities are coming soon---hello, Korean War Two.)

Iran: (also read recently)
Ex-U.N. WMD inspector, ex-U.S. Marine Scott Ritter reported several months ago that Bush has already signed off on strategic air-strikes against suspected Iranian nuclear sites.
A couple of U.S. Navy carrier groups were being redeployed from Asia to the Middle East. (a couple of months ago).

(Note: The carrier groups are needed to both launch sea-based airstrikes---along with land-based ones---but also the carrier groups would be in position to try to secure the sea-lanes for oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Hormuz).

My conjecture: By the end of this month, or sometime next month Bush Inc. will start some more pre-emptive wars. And NK, after being attacked, will attack South Korea. And Iran, after being attacked, will set loose the Hezbollah agents they already have in Iraq next door.

My friends, millions of people are about to die, I believe, as Bush Inc. tries (in their own strange way) to make the U.S. and the world more secure (for their corporate sponsors, that is). And I really doubt if Bush Inc. will go to the U.N. or the U.S. Congress for either, respectively, international or national authorization. They'll just launch preemptive airstrikes against both Iran and North Korea, and to hell with planning for any aftermath.

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