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June 14, 2005


It's about time someone dishes this shit right back in the land of wingnuttia. They have monopolized the dialogue on "morals" whilst demonstrating they only things they care about are money and power -- two things that were offered to their allegedly precious "lord and savior" Jesus, but which Jesus refused, recognizing how inherently soul-corrupting wealth and power really are.

I guess I fail to see the distinction between stressing moral values and stressing the deceit revealed in the Downing Street Memo.

Isn't it a moral value not to go to war under false pretenses and not to lie to the public, especially about matters of war and peace and life and death.

I see a nice continuum here. What am I missing?

Exactly. They are so assailable on so many levels it must become clear to the sheeple that they ONLY way they could have gained office with this agenda is by cheating.

Nothing positive will come of any of this if these pricks can ignore the polls and Diebold their way to office in the next elections.

Both parties work for the weapons industry. Israeli criminal representatives sell their constituents on "making a market", provocation and false intelligence provided by a US DOD and state department overweighted with Jewish perspectives - Come on - US population is 2% Jewish. Why was Clinton's white house 55% non goy and Duby's over 35% non-goy - what ever happend to affirmative action.
Us political representatives, relying on the provocations delivered by Israel then plunder our treasurey for no bid - no tax give aways to the killing machine oligarchs.

Get Israel (and the current second string politicos) out of our government and we will get our "house" back.

As stated above, truth is a moral value--as in not lying about why we're in Iraq. Improving the economy and narrowing the gap between rich and poor is a moral value. Responsible emvironmental stewardship is a moral value.
Working for peace, justice, tolerance, and acceptance are all moral values, and all have been sorely neglected by the party in power.

Democracy is a moral value. Our first, foremost, and top proirity as a party and as citizens should be to restore openness and integrity to the voting system. Computerized voting machines which are vulnerable to hacking and power outages should be replaced by paper ballots to be hand counted IN PUBLIC, not in the secrecy of cyberspace. Electoral officials should be banned from actively campaigning for candidates, let alone serving as campaign co-chairpersons. Election day should be made a holiday. Instead of November second, we should vote on the 11th--Veterans' Day.
National standards must be established and enforced to prevent local irregularities from deciding the election for the whole nation, and it should be a felony to intimidate, harass, or interfere with vote counters in the performance of their duty.
Finally, we must abolish the obsolete and antiquated electoral college system, or at least amend it by ending the winner take all rule and allowing the results to more accurately reflect the true will of all voters.

Making every vote count, is, in a democracy, perhaps the most important moral value of all.

I would rather have a sister who worked in a whore house, than a brother who was a registered republican. Tom

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