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December 21, 2005


Glad to see you have comments again. Yep, it's true, the sheeple have an infant's attention span. But the elite have put great effort and expense into dumbing down the public. Now, if they could only reverse the enlightenment.

Get ready for another Bolschevick revolution folks. Educated people must be disposed of. And the Cheney administration has just the way to do it. If they can only get everyone to agree that the Constitution is a nulity.

Oops...but we're not really at war are we? Terrorism is simply privatised violence. It's not a hostile act of state against another state.

So... let's review. . . They have turned CRIME into an act of WAR to justify MILITARIZING THE U.S.

Next step? Round up smart people. Only stupid sheeple are needed for the New World Order. 98% slave/servant population living on crumbs $1/day or less; 2% living like gods.

Novus ordo seculorum

read all about it:

The latest approval poll giving Bush an uptick is most likely fraudulent, as well as the one saying most Americans want our troops to remain in Iraq!

Dubya's support was sliding toward rock bottom 25% to 30%, so Karl Rove just paid off a few pollsters to reverse the trend!

Also notice that the media tries to claim that Americans want to be wiretapped > lol.

Man, I get sick talkin' this crap...I really do. Seems so ridiculously childish/sophomoronic (sic), that I want to take up acne.
Look, aside from the obvious, will rationale and reason triumph bullshit...ever? I'd never accuse this government of lying, because to lie, would give the idea of incompetence or ignorance, or error even. Nope, this is just blatant, inexcuseable BULLSHIT, worthy of a confined cubicle in the historical annals (anals) of HELL.

There will be nothing done politically to rectify this mental constipation until a significant number of middle America is eatin' outa ditches. This has got to be the only country on earth...ever, where ignorance, stupidity, and criminality is rewarded up and down the social strata. Cerebral thought and the ability to connect the dots have no lines on the "Help Wanted" page. I'm so tired of rantin'...guess I'll go to ruttin'. HELLO? Anybody out there? Thanx for the rant Carpenter

I wouldn't put any more faith in the polls than I would in Diebold but MSNBC came up with an interesting number in their own poll which was 60,000 plus when I last looked. 88% of the respondents were calling for an impeachment investigation.

You know I never thought that poll takers may be getting paid to lie to us about bush numbers, but in light of media being paid with our money both here and iraq to print favorable stories about bush, I realize you could be right.My trust in our govt. and our media is sad..The next time bush says trust me, I know he is not to be trusted, he doesnt deserve my trust..

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