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December 20, 2005


Brilliant, as always! Anne

Yes Herr Bush is spying on us all,
even his faithful toadies like Tom Delay are wiretapped I bet!

Heck he probably has John McCain and Joe Lieberman wiretapped too!

They deserve it, since they ass kiss Bush daily!

Trains run on time? Not Applicable.

Bush and Congress are acting to eliminate passenger rail in the us. At least its in process.

Amtrak should be gone by 2008 if they are competant enough.

Finally, an opportunity to post to one of my fave bloggers! I've always wondered how a 1920-30's German population could've been led by fascist pigs into twisted, I think I can see how it might have happened. BTW...I like the allegorical approach too;stay the course P.M. Carpenter

beavercleaver -

There's a great book (that's all but disappeared because it names names) about a Fascist attemt to take over the WH in 1933-34. The good news is, I've spent the ducats tracking a rare copy down, I've scanned it, I'm formatting it (Word & HTML), and it will soon be replicating itself on the Internet like a lovely educational virus.

Almost happened here once, may have now, and this population needs to know how they do it!! It CAN happen here. have to post that for sure. i would love to read....

Petro, you need to tell us what that rare book is called and who wrote it, so we can google for it when it's posted.

I clicked on Petro's name, by the way, and there are mp3's of his music, which is goddam good stuff. Take a listen. There are millionaire platinum acts that don't sound that good.

I clicked on Petro's name, by the way, and there are mp3's of his music, which is goddam good stuff. Take a listen. There are millionaire platinum acts that don't sound that good.

Regarding the Fascist plot: Google Smedley Butler and you should find it. They tried to enlist him in the plot, but he told them to fuck off, turned on the light, and they scattered like cockroaches. I've got the book around here somewhere, from Feral House Publishing, but my library is in disarray.

If they validate the dictatorship by liters of imported Iraqi oil theyll make Ceasar the 2nd. I mean Ceasar had no cars. They can only win even if they just import 1 liter of Iraqi oil (I guess thats what they thought before goin to war). They assume they live in an advanced place.

We are living in a fascist state and the republican party is the fascist party. (with a little help from Joe Lieberman, Zell Miller, and Nelson of Nebraska)

The only way to restore America's greatness is to jail these SOBS for the crimes they have committed, to take back our public airwaves from the corporations, and to ensure that at least 2 major political parties are free from right wingers.

All -

The title of the book is "The Plot To Seize The White House" by Jules Archer, published in 1973. Publishing house went out of business soon after, the books began disappearing, and it never made another printing.

Also Google on "Wesley Darlington Butler" to learn more about a great patriot who figures prominently in the takedown of the nascent fascisti.

I am feverishly editing the scanned-and-OCR'ed book, and hope to have it up by Fitzmas, at least...

Lenzo -

"Feral House Publishing," eh? Guess I'm wrong about it not being republished. The 1973 copy I have is from

"Hawthorn Books, Inc."
260 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10016

Still haven't seen it in cyber-form yet, so I'm still soldiering on with my little project...


Tom -

Thank you, sir. You are too kind.

Sorry -

"Smedley Darlington Butler"

not "Wesley".

Digitized copy of "The Plot To Seize The White House" here:

Please steal a copy. I'm in tinfoil hat mode, and I think "they" are going to try to take it down.

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