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March 26, 2006


Can't we just assume by now, that the topics of discussion that politicians use, and the presstitutes who service them echo, are mythical illusions? Maybe it's the company that I keep, but nobody I know thinks about terrorists for a minute of ANY week.

The common man, subject to eternal servitude knows his place. My neighbors hate ANY politician, and are concerned about high gas prices, huge medical/pharma bills, and if they'll be eating out of a dumpster by fall elections...or if anybody else cares.

The people I know, don't need a poll, another "expert" opinion of a scripted panel who talks in language remote to daily realities. When you boil it down, there's an uncomfortable feel in the hills of Oregon about too many critical issues that we aren't even addressing. As time slips by, we may already be sitting in our own stew as the water swirls, and the discussion is focused on petty, useless distractions. I'm no longer interested in Red state/blue state....dem./repug. I've outgrown the anguish over loosing Christmas, and wish that more leaders would talk to us in adult language. More real, and less deal.
(Goes make to fetal position in blankey under bed.)

Maybe we should look a little harder at who's minding the store.
It's a great gig, if ya can get it! Tomorrow's lesson: Take your place at the K-St. trough...and never work another day. Out. Really.

Is there ever a forum when these inferences about what candidate or party is against terrorism and another is for, that the question can be raised of what party is in absolute power and whose policies are enacted to the exclusion of all others? And could this be the reason the country is so screwed up?

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