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March 02, 2006


We are already both dead and red!

The red Republicommies have taken over the federal government, while the brain dead Democrats sit idly by, too afraid to take the necessary action to stop it all.

You've got the nail right on the head. I escaped Poland when it was under commie regime. I remember food shortages, in fact: shortages of everything. The fear of rotten West, the fear of "big brother", the fear of your own neighbor or a family member... fear, and hunger. Is it coming to this here, in the land of the supposed free? For this I traveled half the way around the world? To get into the repressions, hunger and fear again?
Is there really a land, ANYWHERE, that is really free? Probably back where I came from....


Great commentary. Its terribly sad that "the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" seems to embrace this paralytic cowardice promulgated by the Republicans.

Patrick Henry wouldn't have pissed on Jim Bunning if the latter were on fire.

I thought Senator Jim Bunning's remark did incredible dishonor not only to my dad, who died in WWII, but any soldier who has given up or even risked his or her life for this country, presumably in large part to preserve the liberties that underlie our definitions of what it is to be an American. I don't think it's too strong to say his remarks desecrated the sacrifice they made.
I called his office, and the staff confirmed the quote. I called upon him to apologize publicly to all veterans and Americans for his remarks. He no longer serves on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, or I would have asked him to resign from that.
I thought having principles means at times being willing to take, on occasion, extreme risks to uphold them. Senator Bunning doesn't seem to understand that. His views call into question what he is doing when he, along with other Senators, ask Americans to risk their lives in the Armed Services today.
His Washington office number is (202)224-4343. Give them a call and let them know what you think. (His staff was polite, so don't just dump on them.)I'm going to write a few letters to editors, too.
--The Jefferson quote is more apt than ever.

He's clearly lost it off the fastball, the curve ain't breaking and I wouldn't be experimenting with the split fingered fastball any time soon.

You gotta hand it to 'em. The American public is paralyzed by fear of an enemy which has no air power, no ICBMs, no navy, no heavy armor, no tanks, no standing army, no allies, and controls not a single country.
I have come to the conclusion we enjoy being afraid, like we enjoy a good horror movie.
Whenever a righty tells you about Al Queada "taking over" the US, ask them "How would they get here?"
They seem to believe Al Queada has magical powers.

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