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March 14, 2006


I immediately think of our dear sainted sock puppet king dumbya, unquestioningly devoted to cheney, PNAC and the almighty $.

Orwell was correct about a dictatorship occuring in Oceania/US, but it began in 2004 not 1984, so he was off about 20 years! Brother Bush is here, but Orwell failed to predict he would be a certified idiot on prozac >lol.

WE are the last men (and women) who must ACT EFFECTIVELY NOW to END this madness!

If Orwell had called his book "2004", rather than 1984, he'd be regarded as the greatest prophet since Moses.

I think 1984 was closer, Ronnie was sworn in in 1981 and that was the beginning of what we have today.

"1984" was Orwell's anagram for 1948; the book was intended as a contemporary critique. The present moment is not exactly his, or '1984', in various important ways. For one thing, the world power system is not Orwell's triad of military superpowers; it's much more asymmetrical and complicated. Also there's more room for 'soft' power like public opinion and money. And better still, there is much more popular awareness of the lies; for the Internet exists. The truth will set you free - though it will first drive you crazy.

So this isn't '1984'; but the Bushites have made it clear that they _want_ '1984'.

1984 definitely began in 1980 with Reagan, "The Great Prevaricator".

If one made a movie of the literal history of the past five years and released it in 1984 much less 1948, it would flop as being too fanciful.

Even now I can barely fathom it, and the portents of the next five are scarier yet.

Okay, isn't it about time to for some nimrod to break out Nostradamus?

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