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March 01, 2006


It would have been nice to have mentioned that Joemento's primary opponent is ( ) Ned Lamont a real progressive democrat who gets it. Please see his web site and please support him buy donating to his campaign at - Thanks.

Real Democrats have nothing to do with Sen. Joe Lieberman, because he is actually a Trojan Horse Republican who calls himself a Dem in name only! We want him out of our party and out of the Senate too! The GOP can have him, since he is already a Repub, and a Bush lover apologist! Bye Joe!

How'd ya like to be the GOP "offical" candidate on this one? These bottom feeders truley eat their own!

Eastern Democrats must get the message from the rest of us: "Say No to Joe!"

...but not just Connecticut - Delaware has to send its' Joe (Biden) packing as well. And while we're at it; New York Democrats need to be shed of their own Neocons in Progressive Clothing: Clinton and Schumer.

You may laugh at Shays blurring the implied distinction between himself and Lieberman, but the entire DLC has done nothing but employ exactly the same kind of political camouflage for years. They are the original executors of Bob Shrum’s “No Daylight”(i.e. between oneself and the Republicans) strategy for Democratic leaders. They are not public servants, as true "Democrats" would be; they act only in the interests of their own political careers as strategic commodities for their corporate sponsors.

As a national party, lets promote from the grassroots this year!

Oxford, Ohio

So, PM Carpenter joins the list of stupidity. Lieberman isn't you, so you have to get rid of him. How nice. The Democratic party, who is supposed to be the "big tent party", apparantley has no room for moderates. You act and sound like Republicans. Get it through your think skull, Lieberman will win reelection, Ned Lamont will become a blip on the wall, and Lieberman will still be the Senator from Connecticut for another 6 years. Learn to live with it.

This just in, from the RNC Reichwing K-Street pay to play arm of the Bu$hists...
"Yer chex in the mail"

Sir Loin of Beef must be stewed on Beefeater Gin, or perhaps just hopelessly brainwashed by the MSM. Sorry old bean but the country is in no mood for your tiresome "Learn to live with it" spin. In case you haven't noticed Joe's kissy kissy hero and his VP are deservedly political toast. Do Move On - if you must defend someone perhaps Scooter's team would snap up a great thinker like yourself.

Miss Holiday,

Perhaps you've been nipping a little too heavy at the egg nog, because you've obviously confused "Leibermanfan's" lame-ass post with my moniker, which appears just above it. Me, I don't want to live with none of it! Liberty (and social justice) or Death!

Mea culpa - sincere apologies to Sir Loin of Beef - I stand corrected - and of course my post is directed at "Leibermanfan's" 'truly lame-ass" post.

Look out world! The faux-liberal pwogwessive wing of republicrat party will no longer stand for Joe Lieberman! Oh the fear and trembling that must be taking place in the halls of the Connecticut legislature.

Lieberman wouldn't be where he is without the aid of William F. Buckley.

I think that pretty much sums up Senator Joe Quislingman's Democratic bona fides, don't you?

No surprise here. Leiberman has been a suspected Republican mole for years.

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