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March 17, 2006


That doesn't really follow. It is laughable to think so, but assume that Bush had prevented the explosion of a 300-megaton thermonuclear weapon in Times Square.

LOL! After ignoring a PDB entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike in US," it's laughable to assume that Bush is capable of preventing a terrorist attack. ( Besides, this article is about Iraq. Iraq didn't have WMDs or a nuke program. Before the invasion, Iraq was NOT a hotbed of terrorist activity. Thanks to W., it is now.

OK so American forces go about this silly all out raid that doesn't catch anyone and wastes money. Fair enough, it's a media spoof propoganda thing of course but instead of being smart enough to leave it at that american generals and Iraqi "officials" start talking to the news. here is what so far has been said.

"We believe we achieved tactical surprise," Lt. Col. Edward Loomis, spokesman for the 101st Airborne Division, said of the day-old Operation Swarmer. He said about 40 suspects were detained, 10 of whom were later released.

"Any leaders there must have seen the forces coming and escaped," said one senior Iraqi security source.

Now correct me if I'm mistaken but wouldn't tactical suprise mean something like no one could get away??

Just a thought.


1500 troops fly into a secured area having less than 1500 Iraqi citizens, said to be the "hotbed center of terrorist activities" and nets 30 "suspected" terrorists based on our Iraqi Intelligence Corp. At this rate of clearing 10 square miles, it will take only 1,716 more missions to clear Iraq - IF no one moves . . .

We freed the Iraqi people. From their arms and legs,their houses, running water ,electricity. We tortured and killed and buried them in mass graves,left their country destroyed and polluted with Depleted Uranium, brought them anarchy, but they are "FREE"???? Some of us know who the real terrorists are. To quote Pogo" We have met the enemy and it is us." There is no doubt that THE WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF IF bush had not been selected. HE IS THE WORLDS GREATEST TERRORIST.

President Squinty stands at the podium, and when asked for his guess on the total number of dead in the war against the citizens of Iraq, turned his mouth down, jerked his shoulders up; his puney brain off, and guessed with a shrug..."Oh, maybe 30,000-give or take." Kinda like: Guess the number of jellybeans in this jar. It's all a game...move on, nothin' for ya here.

Every vichydem who has supported this lie is complicit in this homcide!

---literally everyone in the world would have been safer to date if no action at all had ever been taken against terrorists. ---

Just shrug, sweep up the mess, greive privately and move on. Let it drop from sight. Keep the police work running 'til you catch the bastards.
Statisticly, terrrrrrrism doesn't exist. More people died of gunshot wounds in September of 2001 than at the World Trade Towers, as a risk factor, terrrrrrism is way down the list.
And it only works symbolicly, so can only be defeated symbolicly.
You've got to be brave if you want to remain free.

Bin Laden is a contractor

hmmmm...the level of truthiness here seems a tad wanting.

AIDS kills more people each year than bird flu...but then again, we don't eat dead gay people, especially if they test positive for bird flu. although, there has been some soylent green discussion leaking from rove's's supposed to be linked to solving social security, and definitely NOT about the recent cuts in federal funding for school lunch programs. but i digress...

the only reason george had to kill more innocent people than all ot the other terrorists combined? two words..."bring it on" come on you sissy libs. didn't you see "the untouchables"? it's ALL about the body count....

what really evades me is how you libs conflate bush's achievment's and his ability to be a uniter.

everyone hates us...mission accomplished....why can't you just accept that and move on? why must you idiot libs constantly resort to name calling? why do you constantly brag when the facts are on your side, and your predictions, for ONLY god know's why, come to fruition? don't you libs get it?...people don't like a swaggering braggard who is always right. they prefer a swaggering braggard who's always wrong...softens the edges, so to speak...make's him more "average"...which explains george's low poll numbers. you see, in the reality based community, where bush is disliked, even demonized by the terrorist huggers, when bush's polling numbers are low, that's a GOOD thing. why would he want to poll well with people who clearly hate america and support same sex marriage? and cheney?? wow!! talk about your good negative polling numbers. he's a god when it comes to ignoring the great unwashed. if dick had been the lead in "5 easy pieces", he'd have taken that bitch waitress to the floor, smeared the chicken salad on her upper inner thighs , and dared anyone to stop him.

it's hard to be humble when you're doing god's work. when god told george to invade iraq, that edict was confirmed by dick "go fuck yourself" cheney. turn's out the NSA had an illegal wiretap on the 'ol jesus hotline and intercepted the conversation. why you ask? it fit a narrowly defined criteria. the conversation transpired between a known terrorist and anarchist, Jesus H. Christ, and a known terrorist apologist, george w. bush, born again evangelical christian.

according to info leaked to the NYT, "jesus told george to invade iraq and kill saddam...he even joked about that whole "vengence is mine" enigma thingy by constantly teasing george". miraculously, it's been reported by some people close to the orifice of the VP the savior went so far as to taunt george by chanting, "you don't honor your father!!! don't honor your father"!!!!!

as ANY bible believing christian knows, them's fightin' words....right up there w/ givin' hillary a free pass because she supports the war.

so you see you idiot libs, jesus started the war in iraq, and if you disagree that makes you, to quote his spokespersons, a "major league asshole", and you should just "go fuck yourself".

everyone knows that jesus spoke to the apostle paul through an ass...the tradition continues.

yeah whatever...

wow !!! meat, you're such a wordsmith. it's almost underwhelming....

i read the first two words of your remarkable deconstruction, and was immediately satiated....

no really....i coudn't eat another byte...

Dear wtmoore,
I haven't seen you around these parts lately; allow me to introduce you to civiltude and social decorum. It should come as no surprise to you that when a paid troll, with no conceptual understanding of civilization posts a reply here, your reception would be met with a certain amount of trepidation...afterall your talking points can be found on the Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly, your thoughts are a dime a dozen; not your own; less than helpful in finding a solution to the mess this country's in.
"hummmmmm. the level of truthiness here seems a tad wanting."
To start a conversation in such a condescending tone will win you no friends and discredits your shallow arguements. You're not talking to children, and unlike you, most of us are sober and are alarmed over the condition of world.
"Aids kills more...blah, blah..."
Please try to focus on the topic at hand. The Iraqui war is costing everyone too much. Aids and homosexuality has nothing to do with the subject of the post. A word to the wise...try to stay on topic.
"two words...bring it on." Uh, I counted three--what are you smokin'? "comeon you sissie libs...." In the future, you should know that sisie is the figurehead of the chickenhawks who got us into this mess; libs is not insulting, but to be a liberal is a BADGE! "what really evades me is how you libs conflate Bush's achievemnets and his ability to be a uniter." Bush doesn't need our help to conflate his abilities--he can do that very well. You might wanna check with the average citizen of the world as to Bush's popularity, which stands at around 33% and sinking fast. He's united the common people to street marches around the world. Nearly 2400 U.S. dead and untold Iraqi dead, N'Orleans is a disaster. I've found a uniting group in my food hand-outs at the church, and when I can afford $2.50 a gallon in gas, I can drive it. Ask yourself, if you can find your head up your ass: Am I better off now, or five years ago? Does Dick Cheney; Halliburton, K.B.R. make me feel safer? Does the Bush cult (of which you're a duped junior member) suffer the same money problems that I do? Do they suffer from lack of health insurance?
"why must you idiot libs resort to name calling?" Nobody called you a name that I know of. That's hypocritical spin that gets you no sympathy. Poor picked on me...deflect, deflect.

There are many people here who have seen and recognized the criminal actions of this administration from the moment it was unjustly imposed on the nation by the partisan decision of a Republican dominated Supreme Court in 2000. It has only snowballed and dragged the nation further into a cesspool ever since. That outrage has been labeled "hatred" by the right wing only as a means of dismissing it.

Narrow minded people often mistake any from of criticism, regardless of its merits or rationality, as irrational "hatred." This tendency to dismiss any criticism is multiplied exponentially when it is tied to ideals or profits that benefit those who would dismiss criticism.

In any form of democratic government, examination of mistakes, and criticism of the causes, is essential to effective government. In many cases, when the transgressions, criminal actions, and incompetence is particularly glaring, there is a visceral reaction of outrage that becomes associated with the recognition of the faults. This is not a bad thing. Outrage can be a powerful motivational force for change.

As a response to crimes and injustices committed by the government, "don't you libs get it?" as you put it, but, yes, we get it...and we're going to change it! It's more likely to be a force for positive change and reform than offering that government apathetic support, continued resignation, or open collaboration.

Supporting an imperial war machine, whether out of a sense of fear, obligation, or admiration, still means supporting its policies of murder and plunder abroad, as well as its attendant policies of suppression of dissent and police state repression at home.

"everyone knows that Jesus spoke to the apostle Paul through an ass...the tradition continues."

Thanx for identifying yourself here. We greatly appreciate your truthiness.

The remainder of your post is disjointed, contradictory and not worth the time to reply. My suggestion to you personally is...get your meds adjusted. Or, maybe you should give up meds altogether, at any rate your political/social comments aren't helpful, and as a good upstanding "christian" you may consider washing your mouth out with soap now. DumbKauph.

it's more than a tad amusing that i'm being reprimanded for my SATIRE by someone who identifies with and posts as an adolescent kid, "beavercleaver".

normally i would dissect each paragraph of your reply, and rub your nose in your shear inability to recognize scathing, dripping with sarcasm, thinly veiled contempt. your reading comprehension skills appear to have been momentarily kicked to the curb.

since it evaded you like logic at a GOP convention, allow me to make this perfectly clear for you.

i am a Deist, left of center libertarian, registered as a Dem...socially liberal and fiscally conservative. i do not listen to NOR seek the "wisdom" of rush limbaugh, R-junkie, or bill o"reilly, R-pervert., et al. in fact, my post was a sendup of that whole group of wingnuts...hannity, coulter, snow, hume, matthews, russert, etc, etc, ad nauseum....and their inspid strawman approach to dialog. they demonize, marginalize, and rhetorically bully their percived enemies in a manner that is most repugnant, for me to hold up a mirror to the ugly faces of media whoredom, i had to REALLY take it over the top...unfortunately that "top"was over your head. if you can't recognize the dupliciious irony of ""why must you idiot libs resort to name calling?", it's easy to uderstand why you didn't grasp the "two, words...bring it on" remark. thanx for correcting me on that one.... but, unlike our president, i actually CAN count to 3. but your willingness to "learn" me is noted...thanx.

tell me beave-ster, are you so out of touch you aren't aware of stephen colbert's hilarious rants about "truthiness"??? obviously not, or you would have recognized my opening line as a preface to a tiresome and disjointed "waterboarding" of reality. you see beaver, truthiness is not about what actually IS's about how some people massage that truth to fit an agenda. in fact, it's not unlike your spin doctor's diagnosis of me. hell, sen. frist, R-moron, was more accurate when he diagnosed terri schaivo via videotape and declared her to be "alert".

dude, i appreciate your vigorous but terribly misguided attempt to make me a "bush cultist". it show's your passion for our side of the fence....that's right, OUR side, whether you like it or not. if there is any justice, bush and cheney will be impeached and imprisoned while there assets are seized and used on social programs.

so there we have it beavester. let me just say two more words...

you've been punked...

i want you to stay after school and help larry mondello dust the erasers. your homework assingment is it least twice...

you who!!! mrs. cleaver!! is the beaver not feeling well? why hasn't he turned in his homework???

sorry dude...i take it back. when i said we are both on the same side, i assumed you were a progressive w/ the integrity it takes to acknowledge when you're wrong.

for that mistake i apologise...

just so you don't forget, being unable to admit fault is at the heart of the bush/cheney agenda. maybe you're not as much of a progressive as you "feel" yourself to other words, your "truthiness" factor was a little high when you launched your missive at me...

have a nice day....

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