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May 05, 2006


Congress is a joke. Republicans are a joke and most Democrats are a joke. Why is George W. Bush still in the White House. Please Fitzgerald - hurry - no time to waite - do your thing. Now.

Congress is a joke. Republicans are a joke and most Democrats are a joke. Why is George W. Bush still in the White House. Please Fitzgerald - hurry - no time to wait - do your thing. Now.

Washington, DC is a circus of fools > always has been, but the GOP and Bush Regime have made it worse! CIA Goss resigned today as Rep. Patrick Kennedy crashed his car while drunk apparently?! Wow can we get better circus stunts please > like a dwarf and a clown? Perhaps Rummy and Dicky fill those shoes > lol.

Yes, there are only a few good representatives in Congress. I want a law that gives the "people" the right to take away their raises, health insurance and their retirement plan for their lack of performance and harmful performances.
They gave Bush a free pass to slaughter hundreds of thousand of Iraqi's, yes two to three hundred thousand and two thousand of our troops and the misery in Iraq is growing and unbelievable.
Why do we continue to return them to their undeserved seats? I hope the citizens of Virginia will take a good look at our two Republican senators, Allen and Warner, and vote them out of office as they have supported the president on almost every issue.
I am 61 years old and these are the worst years I have seen in our country since Bush has been in office. Vietnam, the fight for civil rights, the Cuban missle crises, the assinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther, Bobby Kennedy were all awful times but these years with the Bush administration are the worst ever. No president has ever allowed an attack like 911 to occur in our country and there is strong evidence to cause suspicions that our government, especially Dick Cheney, helped to carry out the attack according to books, pictures and articles I have read. I'm convinced "they" will orchestrate another disaster to remain in office.
So what good is the FBI and the CIA if they know our crooked leaders are falsely taking us to war, breaking our laws and international laws, implementing torture, spying on US...etc. what good are they if they do not EXPOSE them so we can stop them instead of aiding them against their own fellow citizens? They, the FBI and the CIA, are worthless to Americans as we are very ones they are sworn into office to protect. Where did their training go? It seems power twists a man into an unconscionable bully and corrupts him completely.
Yes, we need to impeach the president and vice president immediately.

Worse, they've become Congressional lawbreakers in collaboration with the criminal executive and judicial branchs.

Congress is a "joke" but unfortunately not a humorous one. The national debt has doubled in the last 4 or 5 years and is virtually unpayable. The daily interest alone is over $ one billion. We have destroyed Iraq and thousands of lives--theirs and ours. Where are the leaders?

... just a reminder and not an attack on one of the great bush-bashing/hating bloggers but P.M still mention "a lack of a plan of attack" from the dems.
Tsk tsk, get a grip guys, IT IS in the plan. The corporate plan ... dems are bought with the same money as repubs ... Please try not
to forget that in the future.

Remember that most of the lawmakers are lawyers and thieves deuh!!

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