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May 09, 2006


NEW image DANGER...


the Most Danderous Period of the Bu$h Reign

OK 2 copy and PASS it ON

Thank U, Another, Earth Citizen

Why is it so hard to chacterize the behavior of Bush, Cheney and the rest of their administration?

Their behavior shows they are a bunch of liars and propagandists.

Bush in Africa.
Spoke to tribesmen in desert.
Began promising paved roads etc.
Each promise was met with loud "Moogumboo-Moogumboo-Moogumboo".

The more they yelled the more Bush promised.

After the talk the Chieftain asked Bush to walk nearby to view his herd of prize bull.

As they walked down the path in the pasture the Chieftian stepped off the path , turned to Bush and said "Mr. President, do not step in that pile of Moogumboo".

clarence swinney

A pile of Moogumboo can be read by a google search--clarence swinney + Bush Waffles. Or + Bush Lies.

well... check out the asian times on the american position as the pco brings in iran to its fold. the one thing that we actually have "going in our favor" is that the rest of the world will not allow the US rogue nation status. they are gathering and bonding-- china connecting with the middle east, and back again with russia and the --istan countries of the former USSR. the result-- they world is slapping bush on the head and saying "hey little boy-- you and your neocon bullies-- go home". check it out...

I like to hope and think the public won't follow Bush into another war. There just isn't broad public support for bombing Iran, and that "support our troops" mantra appears to be diminishing in appeal. The optimist in me hopes the public is aware of the fact that this administration will readily lead us into disaster if they percieve it to be to their political advantage.

Mr. Bush is mad.

It's a rare and infectious madness that requires the colusion of those in positions of great wealth and power. The executive branch is peopled by weak minded fools posing as a breed apart.

They see themselves as engines of history. They confuse priviledge with wisdom. William Burroughs probably drew the closest frame for their madness in "Naked Lunch". The insistant use of torcher and homoerotic humiliation. The Jeff Gannon visits and use as a fake press shill. The newer hookergate.

These people are addicted to power over and abuse of others.

I think the texts of "Brownie" calling his assistant about his dinner reservations and new shirt while citizens drowned in streets and attics awaiting his help shows what's happening. To Messrs. Busche, Rummy, Cheyne and staff it's not that they love, hate, like or dislike we the public. For them we aren't real. Hence the manic giggle when the addled drunk sends another to their death.

These people are palpably, deeply insane. I've no hope of this whored idiot congress doing its duty.

Of a balance of horrors at best we might hope for the Joint Chiefs to assemble strong enough opposition to threaten this cabal with an overthrow to intercede and save humanity from an idiots opening of the nuclear gate.


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