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May 01, 2006


No doubt 30-34% of the country thought it a wonderful plan.

I have a suggestion. Look at this.

Well, it worked with our tax rebates, back in 2001 or '02, when we got checks for around $300 with the declaration that "President George W. Bush and the Internal Revenue Service" wanted to give us back our money. Never mind that we were selling our infrastructure, our safety nets, our national security, and our Constitution--most of us cashed the checks and went on with life. Cheap at the price, huh?

Never heard they proposed giving $100 to non-drivers too > lol. Why should people who do not drive or own a car get $100 rebate on buying gasoline? Hell just give the money to the rich!

Frist wanted to borrow money from the Saudis, so we could turn around and give it right back to them.

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