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June 02, 2006


Isn't this just the cover story they are using to further their political control?

This so called administration can't tell the truth if their lives depended on it. Caught in one lie and scandal after another and never tell the truth.

Using the cover story of kiddie porn, spying on innocent Americans phone calls, war protests etc. You can tell that the main objective is to eliminate all forms of free speech. Don't mis understand, I am in favor of nailing the kiddie porn people, but NOT at the cost of my free speech and privacy. If I want to call Bush a war criminal I will, and shouldn't have goons in the government passing that information to their buddies that might be interviewing me for a job, approving a mortgage, or worse making decisions about my health care.

What if I said Bush/Cheeney were such liars they had to have someone else call their dogs. It pisses off the goons in the government and they decide to pull a political Hidatha on me for it. They pass this information and some suggestions to my physician that is treating me for a life threatening condition. Since the physician is a RETHUGlican and a scull and bones guy (bonesman) he decides to forget that oath he took when he became a doctor and remembers the oath to the "order" and deglects to give me safe treatment and I die. Perfect crime, no messy trials and convictions.

If you think this type of thing does not happen, you are sadly mistaken.

So, I am just not buying their cover story and neither should you.

My President (the last legally elected one) would never be caught on record saying "...the Constitution is just a Goddam**ed piece of paper." and my Attorney General would never say the Constitution is "an outdated document".

Would yours?

Before, I would awaken every day and begin to sift through the mass electronic media chaffe, shaking my head and quietly musing "this cannot be for real". I do not say this anymore. For years, I have been a political organizer in St. Louis, MO. I had the fortune (good or bad, depending on how you read it) of working for one of the country's largest PACs during the 2004 election. We witnessed people on adjacent rooftops photographing the daily working of our office and had "plants" sent in to apply for employment, seconds after they had been dropped off by a marked RNC van. At that point, being 24 and still wet behind the ears, I was astonished by the level of attention we were given regardless of our position in a key battleground state.

I am no longer green, and I am no longer surprised. I am well aware that my most recent campaigning has left me open to the possibility of being more closely scrutinized than most. I know that my phone conversations may be apprehended, my emails hijacked. I accept this as a possible casualty of the path I have chosen to take. What comforts me is the youthful belief that things can change, regardless of the cynical reservation I feel about the possibility of that taking place.

I have become weary of the outrage that we, at least those of us who possess the slightest cerebral activity, by our very natures are driven to as cattle by the unyielding torrent of affronts to our lives and our liberties. I urge all who read this to become involved locally. Change will only occur at a glacial pace without a persistant force behind it. It is now up to we the people to determine that force, before the cataclysmic actions of unelected tyrants choose it for us. Stop being cattle, girded into anger and inaction. Forgiving may be virtuous, forgetting's always dangerous.

Let's see. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, initially enacted to catch suspected terrorists or spies, has been transformed by the Bush administration into the Domestic Intelligence Surveillance Program (DISP), with wide-ranging and uncontested intrusions into the private lives of ordinary U.S. citizens.

As part of this vast data-mining operation on U.S. citizens, the Bush administration is trying to enlist internet service providers to literally spy on U.S. internet users, just like the system the Communists have set up in Red China to spy on mainland China's internet users.

Are the people in the Bush administration nothing more than Communists? I know they claim they are Christian, but their actions invoke images of Communism...not Jesus Christ.

Which leads me to conclude that the Bush administration and all their neo-Communist backers are more dangerous to our democracy, and to the well-being of our nation's children, than the relatively small number of pedophiles lurking about.

In other words, pedophile activity seems to be fairly limited in scope, while what the Bush administration and twisted people like Alberto Gonzales are promoting will have much longer-lasting adverse effects on U.S. citizens, including the children of U.S. citizens...because once freedom is lost, it is hard to regain...and in the attempt to regain freedom lost, violence often ensues...which hurts the children caught up in the carnage much more than anything pedophiles reportedly do.

And from what I've gleaned in reading reports of war-torn societies around the world, the violence that arises between adults often leads to increased incidences of violence toward children, including increased predation on children by pedophiles in these war-torn societies.

This is where the adage comes from that states: the path to hell is paved with good-intentions. I don't doubt the "good-intentions" of righteous folks like Alberto Gonzales and his religious fundamentalist kind, but what they are really proposing can only lead to hell. Why?

Censorship never gets rid of that which is only drives what is censored further underground.

In other words, will eliminating child pornography from the internet eliminate child abuse or children being preyed on by pedophiles? No. The pedophiles will continue abusing children. How do I know this?

Remember, some Catholic priest pedophiles have reportedly been abusing Catholic children under their care as far back as fifty years ago (or much longer)...and these abuses happened long before there ever was an internet.

So, just like the "gay marriage" issue, the internet "child pornography" issue is just being used as leverage by some very devious people who are promoting totalitarianism instead of democracy...which can only wreak hell on American citizens, as well as the children of America. I'm not fooled.

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