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October 19, 2006


I couldn't agree with you more.

What a sad state for American politics when the party with the worst ideas (Repug) can't be overthown by the party with the lack of conviction (Dems). Oh, sure, the Dems might just pull out a slight advantage in one or both sides of Congress, but even if this happens their slim majority won't matter hardly at all when they can't seem to agree on anything. This election seems to be nothing but hope for incremental change in Washington.

If the Dems should actually win the House, they had better choose one issue to work on immediately, ethics. They must begin by changing how the ethics committee is run. The Dems have declared a "culture of corruption" thus they had better start changing the culture. Lobbying rules with teeth should be on their agenda as well.

Lord Almighty! I wish you people would make up your minds. I may be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but I happen to think that the dems are due for a good ride. Maybe we don't have tons of cash to shove at tv ads etc., but we definitely have the right message. I happen to believe that by telling the American people that tax breaks for those earning over $300,000 per year will be rolled back; the minimum wage will be increased; that college tuition will be more affordable and that something is going to get done about the cost of health care will bring out the vote.Also, I think that changing course in Iraq and going diplomatic with Iran and North Korea is the answer. I cannot think of one thing wrong with any of these messages. As far as the Christian Right is concerned, I would hope that they would realize that Jesus Christ was a Liberal.

Very good: let us sabotage any possiblity of a Democratic groundswell that might deprive the Republican warmongers of their monopoly control over our federal government.

Who, precisely, is waiting in the wings to lead us into the promised land?

If the Democrats do not win it means they still have not figured out how to defeat a lawless organization. Criminals, in other words.
If they continue fighting over whether they want to win only the coastal states or do they want to establish themselves in maybe, 50 states, they will continue to wound themselves and that makes them incompetent politically as a Party because they cannot respond to this lawlessness.
If Dean has been "successful" enough to have supported some really healthy, realistic folks on the ground in state after state...well, they may be the firewall we need to challenge this lawless organization. On the ground, where these crimes are committed. And where 44 Democratic Senators representing 161` million people live and VOTE..and are going to have their eyes and ears open on November 7th.

Democratic Entropy, Absolutely
... NOT!

I gave up on the Democratic Party over 40 years ago but I've never been able to completely shed the hope that someday they will do something right. It's a little like being a Cub fan.

The Dems simply have to remember the days when Fiorelo LaGuardia ran for mayor on a reform ticket -- and he was the incumbent.

And he won.

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