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October 06, 2006


I believe I have gotten to the point where I would be very pleased to learn that the Soros led Democrats actually had conceived and executed this brilliant scheme to out Foley and disgrace the entire repug leadership in the process.
Out-roving Rove!!!
The initial step toward draining the swamp.

Glad to see you're back, it's been too long!


Glad to see you're back, it's been too long!

Wonderful piece on those phony crybabies.

I think you meant "moistly" when you wrote "mostly glistened".

If the Rethuglicans are so desperately looking for someone to blame for their troubles, if placing that blame would make them happy, then I volunteer to be their scapegoat. Blame me! I'm the one! I'm the author of their misfortunes, the source of their troubles, the reason their dirty little secrets are all coming to light.

Now *that's* settled, can we get back to the issue of what they *did* (or shamefully neglected to do)?

GOP always blames the Democrats for every vile thing Republicans commit! Karl Rove believes in smearing Dems and never taking responsibility for anthing! Expect him to swiftboat all the Democrats soon!

Republicans are the Scarlett O'Haras of politics: they're not sorry for what they did and/or didn't do; they're just sorry they got caught.

And I always thought the Republican'ts were saying, "Family Values." Now I find they were saying, "Foley Values." Gotta get a hearing aid.

Maybe a good spraying with Agent Orange would help the Repugs. After all it's a de-foley-ant!

It's more likely that the scandal was exposed when it was due to pure coincidence rather than to a Democratic dirty tricks department. Scandals have been erupting with such frequency from the cesspool that is the modern GOP lately that one was bound to pop up a few weeks before the election.

Heck, the Foley scandal even diverted attention from a new scandal involving an aide to Karl Rove who resigned after it transpired that she was receiving gifts from Jack Abramoff. Hmm. Maybe Rove is the one who blew the whistle on Foley to divert attention from his own problems.

A couple of Foley one-liners:

Hastert confronted Foley in his office. Foley promised to turn over a new page.

Fox News was so disgusted with Foley's conduct that they called him a Democrat (true, BTW).

White men are the biggest cry-babies going.

Wahhhhh, we're victims, victims, victims!

And apparently, they've taken to wearing big diapers, too, from constantly wetting their pants worrying about "turrists."

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