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November 29, 2006


Loved the "..Are the paychecks in yet?"


The argument against anarchy is that human beings are incapable of existing without government, just too stupid to keep from running wild in the streets and committing mayhem.

So, in that light P.M. Carpenter from Missouri, I want to thank you for helping to expose the fallacy that the enhanced powers of the state are in any better hands.

I've recently developed a general rule about human aptitude, it goes like this, and, I call it Robertson's Law:

No matter the problem, no matter the solution, if it's an exclusively empirical solution applied to the real world, the resulting biproducts of the processes of empirical reason will give rise to problems tenfold that of the original problem.

The whole world top to bottom is entirely run by jackasses.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
Limestone, Maine

An Illustrated Philosophy Primer for Young Readers

This should really be no surprise as we now have the most scared and secretive government in modern history. I mean to render , torture and then leave someone in a foreign country witha 'oops, wrong guy' shows how far down we have fallen into a paranoid fascist police state. I mean how much more paranoid can you get than to have a special porta potty so the President's fecal matter is secured from what- terrorists??!! Or is it to hide the mind controlling drugs he is on? And when the 'unitary executive' can direct the scope of criminal investigations (911, KBR overcharching, Billions missing from Iran Provisional Authority, Pagegate, etc.) to limit any political fallout or damage you can bet your life that the truth is ALWAYS going to be a casualty. "The Truth" is now whatever the government tells you it is. Just look at the results of polls regarding what the people think about our leaders actions and look at what our 'leaders' are doing. Do you really think for a second they really represent you???!!! I could go into more details but they are classified......

Oh! Just more of the same stupid.

I thought that Hadley's memo was a set up to spark a falling out with Maliki, maybe real, maybe fake. If Maliki isn't in on the gag, this could be the begining of discarding him in a Sunni coup next month, if he is in on it, it would be a shadowplay to make him look less the US's guy. Either way, Hadley is a team player deep inside, this was no accident.
It's kinda reminiscent of Bolton's loose cannon act that derailed the North Korean talks and convinced Kim that he'd better get cracking on building some nukes, idn'tit?

Maybe he just LOOKS smart with those Poindexter hornrims.

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