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November 10, 2006




Liberals are the ones who created progress for America thru history.


google search-

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National Security means different things to different people. To those of us who go to work everyday and depend on the government to protect us from "evildoers," national security means securing the borders, keeping out terrorists, and investing in infrastructure to keep everything up to date and working properly.

To the vast numbers of little Hitlers in both parties, national security means keeping secret from the American people all the funds they collect from lobbyists, the deals they do to scratch each others backs, the offshore accounts that they swell with our money. National security=don't let them know.

It's like Poppy Bush once said, "If the people knew what we did, they'd lynch us."

Security as in status quo, as in let me loot the treasury just a little longer without anyone finding out just how thoroughly I am screwing over the constitution and the American people, even at the expense of the men and women in uniform dying in faraway places.

National security is perpetuating the American myth while perpetrating treasonous acts under color of official office and members of both parties are quite well adept at it.

Congress must return US our Constitutional rights and read Bush and Cheney theirs under Miranda. Impeachment NOW!

Impeach! Impeach!

Smear Kings

The Conservatives wandered in the wilderness from Coolidge until Reagan.

When Nixon resigned they went crazy with Hatred.

Reagan gave then a Soap Box to spread hatred.

When my Lord Clinton stomped Bush I they exploded with fury of Madness and Hatred.

They had a Congress whose leading spokesperson said in 1994 “If we get Congress we will investigate every decision made by this administration”.

True to his word Congress spent, according to GAO ($110,000,000), on Hearings and Investigations of the Clinton administration.

Their hatred became very abusive through right wing radio talk shows like Mush Dimbaugh who was recorded as spreading over 10,000 LIES(intent to deceive) in 4,000 hours of his transcripts. Edit by FAIR. Author’s extrapolation.

Their smearing of Clinton was local.

Now, the self-admitted Recovering Alcoholic Bush has made us a Worldwide Laughing Stock.

South America is electing leaders who exhibit true Christian virtues like “Care for the Least Amongst thee”.


World leaders who have met him laugh at his ignorance.

Oh! How I long for another Clinton Type leader.

One who is exceptionally intelligent

One who knows Governance.

One who truly cares about America.

One who cares for the less fortunate.

One who knows democracies thrive under a hugh middle class.

One who when he gets wealth uses it to do good for the least amongst us.

One who knows that when a small percent own the majority of the nation’s wealth
A Christian God will not allow them to survive for centuries.

The lower 80% will Revolt.

Had Clinton kept his zipper zapped I would put him on the Empire State Building in lights 100 feet high.

I love Bill Clinton. Very much.

Clarence Swinney
Political Historian since 1991 of Reagan-Clinton-Bush II administrations.
President-Retired-Lifeaholics of America

Is he sane?
Bush said: “we liberated that country-

The above subject heading is a typical Mush Dimbaugh technique to deceive. It is called "sin of omission"-or Half-truth.

Mush is universal King of it.

The full statement gives a different meaning.

"We liberated that country--from a tyrant".

But-Bush went way out into space with the next statement--

"I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude. We've endured great sacrifice to help them"

--------Iraqi response(would be)--------

Mr. Bush, we are grateful for--

Losing 550,000 of our citizens.

Your Tyrant executed less than 100 from the gulf War until you invaded our soverign land.

Sir, that is less than you executed as Governor.
They were given a Trial under our legal system.

Those you executed did not get full execution of your law.

Your law says you must personally review each request for Stay Of Execution. You aides in Texas say you did not. You asked your staffers "is he/she guilty? You did not obey your law.
Sir,you are a criminal.

More than 40,000 wounded. Many are helpless for life. No legs-No arms-No face-No brain.

Recent study shows you killed 26,000 kids. Kids.
sir. For each child killed there are 20 mourners.

20 X 26,000=520,000 peope with broken hearts and pain for the rest of their lives.

How much pain have you had, sir?

Watching your girls roam the land and, allegedly, run naked through a hotel. Suffer sir.

You destroyed our cities. You made over 2,000,000 homeless. Fallujah and Basra to you, sir.

You made hundred of thousands flee to nearby countries and leave their loved ones behind. God bless you.

You have over worked our health care facilites. You are so kind.
Those not destroyed by your happy, video trained,brave, young, misguided pilots.

You have ruined our heat-air condition-- electrical infrastructure. Bless you.

You have ruined our water supply systems with your hi tech missiles. Thanks.

You have turned loose your young Thugs to rape and kill our women and their families.Haitha to you, sir. Nice going, sir. Were your youg people trained watching on your TV "Girls Gone Wild"?

Sir, I could go on and on with additional things you have done for no logical reason or explanation.

We do appreciate all you have done for us.

Your neo-con superiors who pull your puppet strings have long wanted our OIL .
Have you never noted the names of your neo-con PNAC pals. I have. They are overwhelmingly of the Jewish Faith. Israel first nd foremost.
Praise Allah.

You have opened severe religious differences and created enemies among neighbors who once were friends.

You attacked, invaded and killed our nation of 25 million people(you have 300 million)
with your mighty armada backed by a 11,000 GDP
against our 30 GDP.

We had-- no planes--no ships-no anti-aircraft missiles-no tanks--just a few rifles and bazookas.

Since the gulf War we have minded our own business.

We have been striving to stay alive from your sanctions which deprived us of many necessities for life.

We wanted freedom as much as any person on the globe.

Sir, why are you such a bully?

Why do not you attack Communist China with it's nuclear armada and one billion people?

You could elininate all that Debt you owe them.

Why do you not attack Russia with it's one Silo loaded with 200 ICBM that can put 2000 Hi Tech Nuclear Bombs on your land and make it vanish from the earth in 90 minutes.

Show some Guts. Go for broke. Attack muscle.
Pick on someone your own size. Or, are you the true 100 lb weakling with hi tech guns?

You sir are one SORRY SON OF A B---H.
May Allah take care of your sorry ---.

My psychological interpretation of an Iraqi mind.

My personal interpretation is far more severe.

What we have done sir is:


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