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December 04, 2006


of course, assholes like Steven Hadley, and Douglas Feith, will sit back and tell everyone, along with Paul Wolfowitz, Eliott Abrams what a 'grand success' Iraq was, how it was a mere couple of thousand dead soldiers traded for permanent bases and oilfield control, in a middle east country now more or less 'annexed' by the U.S. at the cost of almost 400 billion dollars already, and a national debt number of 8.5 trillion dollars owed to China because of the irresponsibility of necons who have used war profiteering as a means to tap the U.S. Treasury 'dry' and rape yet unborn children of this country for several generations to come.

the word 'TREASON' comes to mind, for crimes of this magnitude, against the national security of this nation, intentionally, by scum from prior mis-administrations. Rumsfeld's memo was probably the reason that his fuhrer tossed his disloyal "stay the course, not" butt out of the job as Secretary of De Fence (fencing treasury dollars for chinese debt notes).

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