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January 25, 2007


Novak is a treasonous tool.

Run an inversion filter on everything Novak says. Half of it stays gibberish, the otherhalf tells what's really happening

While Novak mirrorspeaks Bushist bipartisanship; MAYBE the DEMs recognize it for the doubleplus-ungood framing and involuntary intercourse it is. If so, they better put IMPEACHMENT back on the table, instead!

If all the liars and crooks connected to this cleptocracy were thrown into jail, we'd have to release all the poor saps already there on minor drug charges. Hey! Not a bad idea!

The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Anybody who remembers at all the tone of the media while Bill Clinton was President and contrast that tone with that of today's scribes and pundits--of whose number Robert Novak is quite possibly not the worst-- while George W. Bush has occupied the White House, will not be able to avoid the obvious conclusion of massive prejudice. A charge easily laid! But think about the ramifications. The media are what Americans depend on to give them the picture of the real world. The media ought to be objective and above favoritism. So where do we go, and how do we respond, when we discover that the media are no longer objective, if they have ever been, and that behind-the-scenes interests manipulate them, and us, according to their own undisclosed plans?

I believe Dick Cheney is central to this whole issue. Not that he was there at the beginning, or that he is the sole cause of the existing evils of media complicity or bias. But he embodies the very most arrogant elements of willful secrecy and smug contemptuous disregard for public opinion that the Right Wing has fallen into in a sickening spiral since the Nixon Watergate hearings. Cheney is the one to nail. He would probably refuse if a subpoena were sent regarding any matter of information disclosure refusal during the Bush administration. He has the stupid self-confidence to believe that the "Unitary Executive" principles being rapidly enacted into law by the Heritage Foundation's most activist members will shield him into the indefinite future. Scooter Libby's trial, even now advancing toward very interesting legal points of controversy, will mark the first opportunity Democrats have had to nail the Vice President who openly congratulated himself for telling a Democratic Senator "Go fuck yourself!" on the Senate floor. Records of the Energy Task Force meetings in early 2000 would be a good thing to subpoena for, and see whether Cheney is still as good as his defiant refusal of that year. The media will likewise be put in an awkward position, by being forced either to help a criminal cover up his crime or openly turn on one who has been coddled by them for six whole years.

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