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January 24, 2007


Sen. Webb's speech was cool, but Pres. Bush's speech was filled with lies, distortions, and fantasy.

And ya know what? Even the reliably myopic WaPo noticed:
President's Portrayal of Enemy Often Flawed

Who'd a-thunk it?

OR we could just let the Muslims BE!

Our Dear Leader, against all logic, and the disapproval of the world, has "decided" to go ahead and throw good money after bad with a "surge". It actually makes good sense when you consider the "war" profits and handsome kickbacks to the bushies. They don't want it to EVER end. It's that simple, and they're that EVIL.

Forget the turmoil's 98 percent of non-al Qaeda sectarian madmen hellbent on slaughtering their brothers and sisters out of religious, ethnic and tribal divisions.

If you are invaded, and have no organised resources to fight the invader, the only option is to make your country completely ungovernable. And yeah, everybody loses, but that is what you have to do, and that is what the Iraquis have done. They are very desperate men, but they are not "madmen".

Being an American, or Westertner, does not give you the right to make ad hoc judgements on Muslim mental health.

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