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January 15, 2007


What's in play is unConstitutional
and as such, unAMERICAN!

Remember this: Anyone who voted for Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, or the current idiot, even once is responsible for where we are today.

There were many people like me years ago who decried what these people stood for yet the American people allowed themselves to be bought (in the case of Dubya's tax rebates) or convinced themselves that our country was in such bad shape that we needed to allow strong conservatives to restore our honor and dignity in the aftermath of Vietnam.

Well, you see where that got us.

Anyone who fits the criteria above, just shut up and get out of the way, you've already done enough damage to our country and our way of life.

Here in Bizarro World they are the Patriots! Got their own Act! But listen to Cheney squeal when his financials are being peeked into. Pigs at the trough. Guantanamo for the lot of 'em.

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