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February 15, 2007


Bush offends grammar as well as the world...

" ... do not know whether or not the Quds Force was ordered from the top echelons of the government. But my point is, what’s ((them ordering it and it happening, or them not ordering it and its happening?"))

Possessive case before the gerund.

... THEIR ordering it ... or THEIR
not ordering it ...

'them not ordering it" ??



fugeddabout impeachment, the signing statements of bush and cheney alone are enough to indict them today for treason. send in the capital hill police and if they resist, you know the drill

So if the US bombs Iran and American planes are shot down by the Russian anti- aircraft/ anti-missile system, do we invade Russia? By your pResident's logic, you would have to.

I can't remember now where I saw the story that the date on the "Iranian" weapons is "5-31-2006". The US is about the only country in the world that puts the date in that order. Iran and any other country in the region would say "31-5-2006".

All I can see is a Strangelovian figure in the shape of "W", with stetson waving,riding a nuclear bomb down to Iran with a delighted "Yahooo"!!!
Dear God is there no one to save us from this imbecile !

Yes, Europe and the rest of the world use the day of month, month, year in dating their correspondence. Given what you read about "Iranian weapons," these are from the US. George Walker Bush when he was in power, sold these to foreign entities.

The most frightening thing about this is that any person with a brain simply MUST know that we (we being the world) are headed straight into total disaster, and this smirking simpleton continues to make his idiotic remarks and people stand up and applaud! (The way he bobs his head when he thinks he's making a significant point makes me think of a rooster pecking at bugs in a's almost a hypnotic effect--I tend to lose track of what he's actually saying just watching him bob his empty head. Bob, smirk...yatta yatta yatta bob, one of those silly little plastic toys that would bob its head at a glass of water endlessly, and every bit as intelligent, I'd bet you!

What are we gonna do, folks? It doesn't look like our newly elected Dems are up to the job, for the most part!

Bush/Cheney are leading us over a cliff. The fate of American democracy literally is at stake. We are setting ourselves up for an economic crisis and foreign relations crisis that will leave us vulnerable. China, with its economic strength and military strength (especially since they can shoot down our satellites and effectively neutralize a good portion of our military weapons such as smart bombs and the like) is more likely to be a threat to us than Iran -- especially if they perceive us as a threat to securing their own access to oil.

Clearly, the Dems are too cowardly or corrupt to do anything. The only chance we have of saving America is to take to the streets -- and soon. If we don't act now, there may not be anything left to save once we've bombed Iran -- especially if Cheney gets to use his bunker busters (and believe me, he'll find a way to use them).

All of this was predictable and predicted by all we "conspiricy wackos" on the left.

Too bad we'll never get a chance to say "I told you so".

Bush is going to kill us all.

For once the Obamanation was right; like those lives blown away in Iraq, the Bushists' lives have been wasted.

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