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February 24, 2007


Finally,the rifraff is waking up! What has taken so long for everyone to realize that this turd covered with skin is a pathological liar? A perfect representative of the Predator Class. I will give him credit for one thing though, he will say out loud what the rest of them believe, but are afraid to publicly state.

He's a sociopath , extemely well funded and not alone. And he's not going anywhere. This is much worse than it appears. He's not finished with his plan. Look, this monster was behind 9/11! That was just step 2. Step 1 beign a stolen election. Read about the PNC for God's sake! Get ready for him to spring the final trap on us. First we will attack Iran and then we will have a huge domestic terror attack (probably blamed on fellow Americans-the Liberals). Beware Nancy, he would happily sacrifice all his Repub-zombies in congress and you, or maybe just the next Democratic presidential convention in a big attack that would then be justification for absolute marshal law (note recent law changes as part of that setup). The MSM would praise the Bush/Cheney leadership and support the rounding up of all the domestic "terrorists"- dissenters like you and me - as a precaution. There will be nothing to stop them at that point. The military? That purged, dumbed down, mercenary gang - I don't think so. I hope I'm wrong but do you think that is beyond him and and his Fascist masters and cronies?

There once was a VP named Dick
Whose task force was oily and slick!
They figured out how
To get cash from a cow,
And now Dick won't share it, that PRICK!

Or criminally determined and undeterred by Pelosi off-the-table Babel!

We've seen this before. There are many still alive that witnessed the rise of madman that destroyed a nation and wrecked havoc on the world.

Hitler said it, "What luck for rulers that men do not think."

I believe what we're witnessing now is much the same as the Nazi rule in it's last throes. Like Hitler in his bunker giving orders to non-existent brigades we have bush and cheney trapped in their own mental bunkers.

But unlike Hitler, bush&co. still have their fingers on the most destructive weapons ever devised by mankind. (scary)

Why, with all the evidence, the so-called opposition party isn't seeking impeachment against these deranged people is an insult to the people that voted them in and as much as a treasonous act as the original crimes committed by this administration.

Could things really be any worse if we impeached these bastards? Wouldn't it go a long way to showing the world that we have come to our senses?

April 28th is the target date for a mass protest for impeachment. Mark it down. Do whatever you can. Place a sign. Wear a T-shirt. Join a march. Boycott any company supporting this war. Talk to your co-workers, friends, shout it from the streets! There is only one way to get their attention and that is through mass protest and peaceful civil disobedience.

Whenever the VP says anything positive about Iraq, i.e. "We're making tremendous progress," or anything similiar, he is not talking about the war. He is talking about all his corporate cronies and war profiteers. You have to interpret what he says from the bottomline of the corporate world. The war means nothing to him, just the corporate bottomline. It is all in how you interpret the facts.
In his mind, he is not lying. He is stating facts from his point of view. Of course, everyone thinks he talking from the US point of view, but, he's not.

A malevolent madman, Oh for the Middle Ages. Cheney would have been convicted of treason. Hung,drawn and quartered and then his head mounted on a pike and displayed at the entrance to the city! A punishment too civilized for this treasonous b......

The Dick is on Viagra.

Where the hell is L.H.O. now that we need him?

someone please withhold his nitro pills

Remember when Al Gore was VP? The MSM spent months pissing and moaning because he visited a Buddhist Temple, and may have used the incorrect phone to place a call for fundraising.

fourteen die, Cheney survives. How's that for justice?

Re: Auctioman - you can only withhold nitro pills from someone who has a heart...and here we all thot the surgery was to repair a heart...

You people are all nuts! I cannot believe the ooze of hate and viciousness in your words. You're assumptions are unbelievable. Thank your heros aren't in charge. The big bunch of hypocrites they and you are.

Enjoy the koolaid, Joy. Drink it up.

Anonymous...Excuse me? The hate and viciousness WE ooze? Have you heard anything Coultergeist, In-S.hanity, Glen dick, Michael the Savage, or commedian Druggie Flush Limjob, and let us not forget the loofa man Bill o'Liely has said in the past 6 years? The list on your side goes on and on. But the difference unlike just posting it here is that these people have mega audiences to spread their hate and lies to people like you!!!

There are not too many things that I'm more sure of than that Richard Cheney was involved in the causation of the 9/11 attacks.

the laws have been suspended for this gang of cowardly thieves who care only for the corporations that support them, oil, chemicals and the private arms of the defense industry.
they didn't serve but they use our children to increase their bottom line. the profits are obscene and they can't see our (their) soldiers within shouting distance of the places where more, ever more of our kids lives, limbs, sight, hearing and sanity is viewed as just another set of tools to enrich our aristocracy further still. tell us Joy, whose son or daughter do you wish to die so that these corporate heads don't have to go and apply for food stamps...surely there must be someone's child you don't like and wish death for. Where and what kind of treatment did the man whom Dick shot in the face receive? I'm betting it wasn't at the "support our troops" hospital...

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