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March 28, 2007


Wow, being from Arkansas I am embarrassed and astounded at the idiocy of the man. Not everyone here smokes what he'e smoking. Apparently, he and Senator McCain are sharing a bag of "something".

Pryor is not alone.

This is most certainly a circulating idea. See VOA yesterday regarding Congressman Jim Clyburn:

"...Clyburn says he could personally support some sort of confidential timeline, which would be known only to the Bush administration, the Iraqi government, and selected members of Congress, which is among options raised in discussions on Capitol Hill."

My first thought was of Nixon's infamous "secret plan" to end the war in Vietnam.

The absurdity is mind-boggling.

Sock IT to Pryor (AND Clyburn)?

You have to give Pryor some credit. Its not often a freshman Senator stands alone against his party on an issue. He seems to have some principles. But yes, his "scret plan" is laughable. The best quote from him on this is that "the plan would remain secret, because Congress is entrusted with secrets 'all the time'" If that doesn't make you laugh out loud I don't know what will.

I'd sure like some of whatever Pryor is smoking. A classified plan and a classified timetable known only to God and the US Congress? How do they really expect to keep it classified when all the senate and house knows about it. Doesn't really make it "classified."

For god's sake, they couldn't even keep the identity of a NOC CIA agent secret. What makes him think this would be kept confidential?

Pure silliness and delusion.

As absurd as it is, it makes more sense than announcing we will withdraw a month before US Presidential elections. What does one say? Sorry, your son had to die so we could use this bloody spectacle to dupe the US electorate into thinking the Democrats care about this country.

Even worse, Pryor got a lot of serious attention from the media for his insane idea. No idea vaguely in aid of the defense of the Bush junta is too obviously wacky for the American media to speak truth about.

Beyond Cynical, you will note, if you can stop being so stylishly cynical, that the majority of the Democrats voted against Pryor's idea.

The bottom line for me is that Bush will damned well do what he wants to do no matter what Congress says. At the very least, Bush has a moral obligation to clean this f**king mess up before he leaves office.

He has no right to pass this off onto the next administration, no matter if it's Democratic or Republican.

With the way these wayward criminals are conducting business, I suspect the Democratic Party will be holding the reins of power for quite some time.

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