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March 19, 2007


Even more shameless has been the media coverage of Valerie Plame's testimony:

I don't have cable TV--I listened to it on C-Span Radio on my computer. While listening, I thought NOW all this talk about "well, she wasn't REALLY covert" would be put to rest. So I was eagerly awaiting the evening news shows to bring this out.

Well, it got less than 2 min coverage on each of the 3 channels, all of them leading with a Plame quotation that expressed her shock that her OWN government--as opposed to a foreign one-- was responsible for blowing her cover. Okay. But NONE of the 3 channels made it clear that, according to her testimony, under oath, SHE WAS COVERT AND HAD WORKED OVERSEAS WITHIN THE LAST 5 YEARS, which would mean that, unless she perjured herself--as Victoria Toensing and Brit Hume have since suggested--her identity WAS covered under the espionage law Ms. Toensing claims to be such an authority on.

NBC, hosted by Campbell Brown (wife of Paul Bremer's Ambassador of TRUTHINESS, Dan Senor) went on to show (in the report by Chip Reid) the Republican Congressman asking her whether she was a Democrat and her shocking admission that YES she was.
End of story on NBC.

ABC's report by David Kerley included the tidbit of her denial that SHE had sent her husband to Niger, then noted that Plame is is likely to benefit from her situation: “While Plame may have lost the undercover job she loved, the blown cover is allowing her to find a new career. She signed a book deal for more than $1 million. And oh, about all those ingredients for a Hollywood movie, there will be one of those, as well.”
End of story on ABC.

CBS was preempted here by a basketball game. But a report I read said, CBS's Gloria Borger ended her report with “When asked whether she'd gotten an apology from the President, the Vice President, Karl Rove or Scooter Libby, she said no.”
End of story on CBS.

Of all the Sunday news shows, only FOX discussed Plame's testimony at all. And although Bob Scheiffer had ended last Sunday's FACE THE NATION with a commentary lamenting that, even though poor Scooter was found guilty, we still don't know whether Valery Plame was really COVERT or whether a law had ACTUALLY been broken. Well, now he knows--unless, of course, he believes she committed perjury--but, no comment from him.

I just think the lack of (non-cable) interest in setting the story straight is shocking.

How many atrocoties must the bush crime cartel commit before it's brought to justice? How the hell have they gotten away with it to date, when there's a mountain of irrefuteable documented evidence pointing to their evils? What's it going to take before an aroused citizenry and Congress bring down the hammer?

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