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April 17, 2007


More and More MUCHO diametrically opposed, Banana Republican mirrorspeak.

They don't care much for the first amendment, but they sure do embrace the fifth.

Great edtiorial. An echo of Fitzgerald's observation that, at the end of the day, elaborate lies are tissue thin and miles deep.

Senior Bushies are unfamiliar at having to explain their specious rationale. No is rarely heard among yes men.

Mr. Gonzales also serves at the pleasure of the President. When will Mr. Bush show some leadership instead of blind faith and ask for his resignation?

The Republicans don't want to go into 2008 with yet another Rumsfeld-style sycophant hanging around their necks. The Iraqi millstone is already heavy enough and will hopefully prove to be their undoing.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of congressional courtiers.

No amount of kissing is able to turn these frogs into princes anymore.

Does anyone out there understand the language of the ruler party (republican right neocons) or in easy speak (the people who control the country and the language they use is their own concocted doublespeak and whatever else is necessary to confuse the hell out of the opposition. A battle plan unprecedented in our modern history of events. Especially when the American do not get it yet and 30% still believe the prez is OK...

"Hey Ma, is that goose cooked yet?"

I'm getting good at predicting these guys. I wrote somewhere last week that Gonzo was trying to find a path that would plausibly explain his statements to Congress. And since lying to the American public in a news conference isn't illegal, he was likely to declare those parts of his contradictory statements to be the false ones. His problem is that it's not just self-contradictory statements, but also the many contradictions between his sworn testimony and the testimony of others.

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