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April 30, 2007


The only war going on is George Bu$h vs. America.

I think bomb-sniffing dogs at every airport terminal & train/light rail station is alot more likely to protect people than a "watch list" that snags innocent people with only partial names in common. They have totally Republicanized the "war on terror" & this needs to be forcefully grabbed away from them. Also a way to better to protect people in buildings is to design them so all incoming people are seen & exposed to those inside the building & those inside the building are shielded from those outide:an odd placement of doors & windows is all that's needed-schools ought to have been built this way, you don't need a fortress, just some forethought.

Dennis is the real deal.
If a true history is ever recorded it will be clear that most of us were suckers for style over substance.
Dennis is the real deal. Check him out.

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