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April 27, 2007


Bravo! Yes, repeat at every opportunity: 9/11 came on Bush's watch.

Rudy talks about "going on defense" as if that were a bad thing. I'm a Civil-War buff, and anybody who reads anything about that war knows that life is a lot easier on the defensive: You've got the high ground, you've got cover, and the attacker has to do all the hard work and take the heavy casualties. We got hit on 9/11 because we were NOT on the defensive - at least not as much as we should have been, given what the government knew at the time. Rudy is full of it.

You see whats happening here don't you?These guys have lied so much that they are forgetting the lies they've already told.I firmly believe that the electorate are finally catching on to the dog and pony show thanks to great info that we get from PM and Buzzflash and all the other souls out there that have there heads screwed on straight.

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