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April 26, 2007


There are only three Democrats I'd consider voting for President: Dennis Kucinich (a courageous, moral and peaceful man), Al Gore (great foresight and vision) and Russ Feingold (integrity, honesty and consistency). Wesley Clark could be my Sec. of Defense anyday!

Kudos to Mike Gravel for saying the Military Industrial Complex has control over our government. Have these words ever been said on television before?

Larry, besides from the lips of President Eisenhower? But your point is a good one; no one says it because almost everyone on TV works for companies that make up the MIC.

Oh, come on. You could give Obama an F because being a DLC shill he WOULD have voted for the war. But that is disingenuous because not voting for someone for one vote or statement is ridiculous. Feingold was all for the Israeli crackdown in Lebanon. Doesn't mean he isn't the best (non)candidate.

Wes Clark can't be SecDef. He has not been out of the military for the requisite 10 years. But he can be my President!

What about Biden - you didn't cover his dismal perfomrance: He suggests that North Korea is our biggest threat right now and feels that the Democrats will lose in 2008 if they do not get off this happytalk scenario and realize that the use of force is just fine in places like Darfur,Afghanistan, and the Balkans. He certainly sounds like an echo of the old NeoCon memos from the 1990s.

You forgot Joe Biden, who made a total fool of himself - suggesting that poor North Korea is our biggest threat today. He also predicted that the Democrats would fail in 2008 if they did not get off this "Happy talk" and start bombing away. He feels bombs are just fine in Afghanistan, in Dharfur and in the Balkans. By the way, he also endorses in a bill with our man Obama the use of ethanol in automobiles despite all the reports that suggest it helps no one but majr agro-business and merely adds to pollution.

Give me a "free-thinker" any day and that's just what Kininich (and Feingold) are! Too bad the media doesn't take him seriously. In their eyes, anyone who doesn't have the big bucks backing them up aren't "serious about becoming president". Since money talks, perhaps those who support his ideas need to support him with our wallets (especially those of us who are sick and tired of our "America the War Monger" philosophy instead of America the Peace Advocate" philosophy). Perhaps then the media would take note of what a fine candidate he truely is (or perhaps not).

Larry from C: I could never vote for an AIPAC puppet like Feingold.

Biden was even more boring than usual - if that were possible.

Obama was the biggest loser. His treatment of Kucinich at the end was a spooky reminder that he's really just as bad as the guys in the White House now.

Democrats, Republicans, blah blah blah. They're wings of the same bird of prey. (Pray?)

Please, give me a break. Because someone refers to notes that is an automatic C-?

JPark and Karen Green both get A's for ability to reason.
pm, you get a *pu* for this stinker.
And Dennis Kucinich? Oh, PLEASE. Yeah, the old Catholic who not only dumps as many wives as rethuglicans, but FLIPFLOPS on "choice" after YEARS of voting against womens' rights to their own bodies. AUTOMATIC FU.

Give me Wes Clark or Edwards any day just because it would be so great to see a good-looking face, instead of the old turds, dingles and earflaps the GOP trot out there. And both of them can speak and think in complete sentences!

J's grandma gets another A. Let the child brides be the ones to deal with living with the turd-faces they got led down the aisle with.

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