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April 16, 2007


If you get right down to it, the folks who ran Nazi Germany were "bunglers and fools".

I mean really-- a chicken farmer running the secret police (Himmler)? A man who could not recognize, let alone expound a truth as a propaganda minister (Goebels)? A drunken, washed out fighter ace as head of a vaunted air force (Goering)? A gay-bashing, self-hating homosexual and criminal running your street shock troups (Roehm)?

A failed painter and wall paper hanger as 'supreme leader' (Der Fuhrer)?

Come on.

The only thing not comical about them was the damage they did. Never underestimate the damage a fool can do.

Wolfowitz combs his hair with his own spittle, so I am not surprised that he is sexually creepy, nor that he used the World Bank to butter up his lover.

Wolfowitz is scum just like the rest of them. They may have money but they have proved themselves to be scum many times over.

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