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May 17, 2007


With all the true high crimes this president and vice president have committed, taking impeachment "off the table," as Nancy Pelosi unilaterally did, shelves a vital part of our Constitution for the next two years.

But why not Speaker Pelosi? Bush and Cheney have negated whole parts of the Constitution, the sacred document they took an oath under God to defend. Why shouldn't you?

I couldn't agree more with your assessment, especially as it regards the world weary erudite sophistication of people like Joe Klein. What we don't see out there, and what we need, is someone to become a raging firebrand for impeachment and chastize Pelosi and others who don't wish to utilize the power the voters gave them and put an end to the treachery and treason committed by this administration.

What we need is someone to come out and clearly name what is going on in this country, instead of tap-dancing all around the truth. Once stated in bald, no-nonsense terms, we can either decide whether the Constitution has any remaining meaning for us or whether it is just a "quaint" document superceded by a more hard-nosed view of reality.

Make no mistake: in constitutional terms what has transpired over the last 6 years amounts to nothing less than high crimes and misdemeanors, if not out and out treason.

As most of us know, the corporate board rooms of the mainstream media are all big time Republican supporters.

Sadder still is, how the rest of the world considers Americans stupid because they don't know what is going on. If one does not look for the "news" in other places, one will never know what is going on.

On what planet are you people living?

People watch TV for entertainment. Illicit sex between a middle-aged adulterer and a young girl entrusted to his care creates entertaining TV.

Fascist conspirators in charge of our government who are creating an American KGB that will ensure their political hegemony in perpetuity is not entertaining. That is simply frightening.

re: comments by bill c. and jimp 1947 --
= what we need is the equal of cato the elder who rose at the end of every senate session and demanded that 'carthage must be destroyed!' eventually, the roman senate got the message and authorized war with carthage.
= all it takes is one in each house of congress to do the same thing: 'bush must be impeached!' even the msm might take notice eventually and report it in prime time. \\ free born

'those who would trade liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.' - b. franklin, 1759

The 2 things that still really get my fire burning is when some idiotic talking head refers to the media as liberal. And when a rethug repeats the same old lies about Al Gore (the internet thing etc.)and the moron "journalists" just go along with it. I don't think there is anyone who has been smeared by the "liberal" media more than Al Gore. It really does rise to the level of libel in my opinion.

You do realise that if the Dems. impeach, the MSM will turn it into an assualt by the "elites" (Dems.) against the Republican "everyman"?

Yup, Bush's impeachment will be "discrimination", an act of "revenge" against a "whistleblower"

And how else can Americans fight this bit of "autocracy" and "partisan witchhunt" but by electing another Republican?

That'll show them fancypant Dems.

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