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May 16, 2007


Why waste your breath or column space?

Let the man slink off into obscurity, your commenting on his vitriol only keeps the irrelevant criminal in play.

I wish he would disappear like what he is: a fart in the wind. If I give him no bandwidth he will.

As distasteful as the rhetoric of the Neocons is, it is important to know WHAT they are saying so that you can formulate a strategy to combat the lies and deceit. In the military it's referred to "knowing your enemy."

What's that quote:
"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
I too agree that as disgusting as these people are, it's better to know what they're spouting.

PM, there must be an anthropology textbook somewhere that discusses the linguistic memes of tribalism. Alternatively, non-readers can simply listen to the speeches of various GOP criminals.
I don't know much about belonging to a tribe, other than there must exist a demon that the tribe is charged, usually by supernatural spirits or God, to destroy. It's been clear to me for 25 years now, that people like you me are the demon. Don't say you weren't warned.

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