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August 24, 2007


Let's not forget these criminals want to attack Iran in the next 6 months or so. This is total madness! 17 more months is way too long to let these people continue to destroy us and our planet. Impeach and impeach soon.

With fewer and fewer battle ready troops, the bleeding will just slowly wind down the war. Cool. It is fun watching an evil empire stumble and collapse. It would be more entertaining if it fell instantly, but watching a plane crash in slow motion prolongs the thrill when you know the cargo hold is full of bad guys. 30 or 40 more dead corporate mercenaries each week is just about right to string it out until the corporatocracy are ready to invade a little Spanish speaking country to restore goobernational pride.

My book "THE REVELATIONS OF GEORGE W. BUSH" will be out @Sept. 20.
It's the weapon the American people need to force this spineless Congress to impeach.Provide mailing address & I will send you a copy.
Thank you for the good brave work that you do. You're my favorite commentator on buzzflash.

narrow minded greedheads,arrogance,ignorance and spineless dithering dolts-ahh what a web we weave with the best that money can buy


A million dead.
Four million refugees.
More every day.
When all the doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers and other professionals have been killed or have left Iraq who will stop the US
from draining all that OIL out of
the sand?

Like the lead singer for Spinal Tap said, "There is such a thin line between genius and stupidity!"

Rational, educated people saw the quagmire coming in 2003, were horrified, and protested against the war's initiation.

Did the White House see the quagmire? Which is to say, were they stupid or evil war-profiteering geniuses?

Have you had a chance to read the book I sent you: "THE REVELATIONS OF GEORGE W. BUSH"? It just cam out.
You can visit my website www.revelationsofgeorgewbush and enter your comments there.
Thank you.

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