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August 16, 2007



Calling this bunch of homicidal megalomaniacs children is too kind and understated. Same applies to 95% of those seeking to replace them in 2009.

We as a nation will rightfully be held responsible for what they have done in our name and at our expense.

They have bombed Iraq back into the stone age with millions dead and more millions displaced and are now preparing to say, "OK, so we broke it, but you better get busy and fix it."

These cold, heartless, self-serving bastards are planning to bomb another country that has done us no harm using nuclear weapons. Like Depleted Uranium, radiation doesn't play favorites, it kills everybody.

They have 17 months to wreak havoc on the world if no one steps up to stop them.

Arrogant Americans back the demand for regime change in Iran when the real need for regime change is right here in the USA.

Ernest A. Don

For those of you who are not aware of it:

The Republican Party has been using the nationalized children of former Batista supporters in Cuba to do to the US what their parents did to Cuba. "Beato" is a last name well known to those who know Cuban history and, I assure you, does not stand for humanitarian values. I will not go so far as mentioning Mengelev in the same context but could't resist the temptation of doing so.


Buzzflash, in its link to your article, mentioned the cartoon "Little Bush" - appropriate, yes. If you haven't seen the cartoon, do - it comes on Comedy Central at 10:00 on Wednesdays. I hope this comment is not considered advertising because it is not meant to be - it's just that this show really illustrates the mindset of the "leaders" of this country. Petty, selfish and childish.


childishness implies a certain amount of innocese and lackof experience. That is not the case with these folks in the whitehouse. They are mean and vindictive. There is no innocence, just a selfishness and ignorance built on greed and power-grabbing.

Linda Hale

The Republican Party is nothing but a giant colossus run by teenagers

 Paul De Masi

If these are children then they are the spawn of DEMON seed. They destroy everything they touch and more. They have caused more death in the name of God since the crusades. They destroy the lives of anyone who tries to speak the truth. Their goal is to destroy the U.S. constitution and steal everything in the process. They are not children or childlike, but the DEVIL'S own evil messingers of theft and greed and murder.

Mar Z

Labeling the behaviors of the Bush administration as "infantile" and immature is an understatement of monumental proportion, and is barely accurate. Our "dear leader" and his gang of thugs can only be called infantile in the sense that an infant has not yet developed a CONSCIENCE. These people are far far beyond "the stuff of a child's mind and emotions"- they are SOCIOPATHIC. Calling them "children in power" minimizes the extreme and pervading damage they have done (and do) to our country, AND the grave dangers they present (every single day) to the future of our beloved America.

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