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August 20, 2007


Bush is an idiot!!

While the idiot doesn't have the power to remake the world in his image we are finding out just how much power he had to destroy it, or maybe that is his image?

cui bono?

Why do you pretend the war is something that it's not?

They lied us into a war of imperialist aggression and genocide so they could steal Iraq's oil. Now they want to repeat the horrific crime all over again in Iran.

The Democrats in Congress have already rolled over and are taking orders (and bribes) from the Bush/cheney thugs.

If the American people allow another illegal war of aggression and imperialism to go unopposed, then they too will be just as guilty as the illegal administration and the enabling traitors in Congress. We will all be traitors to the Constitution and the American way. Then, we will deserve the fate of Rome that will certainly follow.

I agree with your analysis: Bush is an idiot.

He's a few cattle short of a herd in the brains department.

When I read that article in the Post this morning, I was dumbfounded. George W. Bush's ignorance, arrogance and malevolence cannot be glossed over or chalked up to the honorable estate of dissidence. One cannot be both the presumptive unitary executive and a dissident. Bush's problem, unlike that of our democratically elected presidents, is that he has been running on "new realities" all along. He keeps running smack dab up against the real realities.

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