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August 19, 2007


This is easier said then done. Day after day i read about the voices of all those Americans frustrated at the nothingness from congress and the lawlessness of our current administration In my opionion the tables should turn. tap the white house congress and anyone who supports this current administration or who holds a public office. it is my tax dollars that pays your wages. it was an oath you all took to uphold the constitution and defend our liberties and freedoms I say the only terrorists in America is the American version of an AlQuida Leader President Bush and all the cronies that follow his orders. Your time in office will come to an end. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW...MR BUSH REMEMBER THE CONSTITUTION? IT IS SOMETHING OTHER THEN THE GODDAMNED PIECE OF PAPER YOU REFERRENCED IT AS.

Great piece of writing. Alberto Gonzales is the 21st Century equivalent of Caligula's horse. Caligula could appoint his horse a Consul because he knew he had all the power and the Consul no longer had any, nor the people either. Bush can appoint a horse's ass as AG because he is no longer paying any attention to the laws or the Constitution and a spineless Congress (Ron Paul the exception) and the Supreme Dolts are not going to rein him in.

Well, these Congressional Rump Rangers sure did themselves proud, didn't even bother to read what they were signing damned eager to get on the boat to Israel. What human rubbish. It is almost inconceivable that it is really as bad as this, but you just could not make this stuff up. God help us!

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