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August 21, 2007


I would have asked Rudy if he ever had to wipe his rear with a corn cob on a winter's morning cold enough to freeze motor oil while the wind howled through the slats of the outhouse wall.

Oh, come on! As you well know, the identity, policies and even the past (hell, especially the past) of Republican candidates are fungible, flexible and fuzzy. Rudy will say whatever he whatever, until when and if he gets the nomination. Then he'll let the pros go to work, and the rest of his campaign will reflect whatever focus-group tested narrative and phrases are deemed to be apropriate.
The Dem candidates? Why sure, they'll do somewhat the same. Big difference; the Repubs will have a willing ally in the MSM, which will flush when told, and vomit up whatever they're told, and do it all for free. (They've already gotten theirs.)

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