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August 22, 2007


First it was not like Vietnam...
Then it was like Democratic Germany...
Then it was like Japan...

When that failed, well, at least it could be like Korea...

Now, low and behold, it is like Vietnam...only not.

One hopes this failed metaphor finally blows up in his face.

As a child of a WW II vet and his wife, I grew up respecting the American Legion -- my father was a member, and the VFW.

I have to say sadly, that I have no respect for them any longer. How they can receive this yellow-bellied draft dodger and treat him so respectfully is something I simply can't fathom.

They would be better off having Jane Fonda address their conventions.

BTW, I am a US Army vet, Vietnam Era (note: not Vietnam War)

He trots out the latest attempt to put lipstick on his pig war, catapulting the propaganda to see if this time everyone will fall in line behind him like after 9/11. There is a problem this time though. Vietnam generates nothing but negative energy full of pain for the people of this country. There is nothing noble or glorious about that war. And only a handful of people (Kristoff, Cheney, etc.) have ever argued that it could have been won if we had stayed. This attempt will also fail. Maybe he'll trot out the one war (after WWII) that we did win. Grenada.

How dare the poster call Our President George W. Bush a draft dodger? He was no draft dodger, he was a deserter. There's a difference (I think).

Kevin Baker's June '06 article for Harper's {Stabbed in the Back -The Past and Future of a Right Wing Myth} {} should be required reading for all Americans. What the neo-cons are trying to do is despicable, and if they are allowed to succeed, will truly be the end of America. I find it hard to believe that they are doing what they are doing, as do many of you, but it is deliberate and calculated. Horrifying. Notice the drumbeats growing creating the aura of "inevitability" towards war with Iran. How to stop them, with no support from the Democratic establishment and no help from the corporate press?

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