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September 03, 2007


How about "Dead Wrong: The Presidency of George Bush F****d Up The Whole World?"

Perhaps self-obsessed bores with a secret map would be more accurate. Their socio-pathological certainties come not only from obvious stupidity, but also from relentless pursuit of a specific, overarching, agenda. This is a presidency run by and for the fossil fuel industry and its downstream partners-for-profit in the American way of waste. While the rest of us by now recognize the brutal destruction of everything worthwhile about US domestic and foreign policy, Cheney & Bush have delivered the greatest profits in commercial history for Big Oil. The Iraq War was clearly fought, with the backing of the corporate media, to restore the supremacy of the Oil Majors and fend off the Peak of global oil production. There is no end in sight and Bush is running out the clock on his ignominious defeat there. A trillion dollars that should have gone to energy independence & renewable energy deployment to save both the US economy & the global climate have been lost in the worst possible way. What have we got instead? Drought across the south-east & south-west, crop yields collapsing, more oil dependence than ever. Just what the fossil-fuel doctor ordered for the protection of the 'American way of life'.

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