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September 10, 2007



It is really depressing that after all the lies that have been peddled that many Americans will suck it up one more time, put their brain in neutral and believe the fairy tales told by the annointed one. Beyond belief.

Jay Diamond

The reason why so many people who live in this country are misinformed is the routine agenda driven LYING of low-brow, rightwing talk radio ala sean hannity.

Listen to the sean hannity show for even one hour (or less!) and you will hear at least one dozen outright LIES...and SMEARS.

hannity and the other low-brow, right-wing hacks substitute personal slander and character assassination for "Debate" on issues.

The goal is to make you "hate the man" so as to discredit his political beliefs.

It is deliberate and it is a technique.

sean hannity and the other low-brow slobs who practice this Rove style politics of PURE FILTH are literally killing America and Americans.

Low-Brow, Rightwing talk radio is not a joke.

It is National Poison.

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