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September 06, 2007


The way for the Dems to get the votes is to forcibly exclude from the party the DLC and those 30-40% of Democratic elected officials loyal to it from the party. Let the republicans like Joe Lieberman run as Republicans and put democrats exclusively on the Dem ticket. What is so hard to figure out?

Word of the Day Archive
Saturday September 11, 1999

intransigent \in-TRAN-suh-juhnt; -zuh-\, adjective:
Refusing to compromise; uncompromising.


Whatever makes you think the Dems want to stop the highly profitable slaughter? Judge them not by their words but by their actions. Neocon Nancy's top priorities are protecting Cheney and keeping those war profits rolling in.

It's so much easier for the war profiteers when they own not only the blatantly corrupt party but also the fake opposition party.

Nothing will change until people vote their consciences instead of trying to guess which will be the lesser of two evils.

Ahhhhh! Michael 5000, BLESS YOU! It's so good to see someone else use the term "Vote your conscience". Like the term " CITIZEN SOLDIER" it is a basic precept of our brand of democracy that is not only forgotten but often laughed about,showing how far afield we've gone from knowing what's essential.

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