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September 02, 2007


We may have to come up with a new word whose definition goes beyond "surreal."

>We may have to come up
>with a new word whose
>definition goes beyond

We have the word already. It is "evil".

It has been apparent since 2000 - the only system that explains the administration's conduct is the principle is "do what harms the most people the most."

There is not a federal regulatory coop that the forces of Bush have not entrusted to the guardianship of the foxes of corporatism.

Not a small thing at all, ask the families of the Crandall Canyon miners.

Keep writing, keep fighting.

Bob Higgins
Worldwide Sawdust

Wreckless abandon.... that is the descriptive terminology used for the Bush administrations lack of interest in the consumers life or death effect with corporate America and the lawlessness of the Bush goverment.
Typically G W was the same when governor of Texas. He ruled a lawless state of affairs... just ask the innocently killed on death row. The appeals court accepted no appeals..

cui bono?

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